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5 of the best pumpkin varieties

01st October 2019

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Discover some of the fascinating varieties of pumpkins on show during October

Large, orange pumpkins, carved with strange faces are traditionally associated with October and Halloween. This fascinating veg, however, comes in a huge array of types, each with different sizes, colours and characteristics. Take a look at these distinctive varieties that you could grow for next year’s harvests.

1. ‘JACK BE LITTLE’ If you have limited space and can’t accommodate a monster pumpkin then these mini trailing varieties could be the ones for you. Small enough to be held with one hand, they are bright orange and make an attractive ornamental plant. Harvest them either towards the end of summer or during autumn and enjoy this yummy crop – they are perfect for stuffing and roasting with other seasonal ingredients. Available from

2. ‘DILL’S ATLANTIC GIANT’ If you want to attempt to grow a giant vegetable next spring then consider trying this variety of pumpkin as they are record holders. Make sure you have prepared a large space for your specimen to develop as you might find it overcrowds the veggie patch otherwise. A great edible to grow with the children, as they will take much joy from its huge size, it is also a classic in recipes and with its large mass the produce from this yield will last you for many meals! Available from

3. ‘INVINCIBLE’ The skin is a silver-blue colour in this variety and its orange flesh has a delicious flavour so is perfect for culinary use, whether baked or roasted. A type with a trailing habit they can be sown in spring, around May, then planted outdoors and regularly attended, as they require sufficient watering. Harvest this mystical-looking crop from the end of summer until October. Available from

4. ‘HOOLIGAN’ The skins of this veg show no singular colour but instead are patterned with a mottled, delicate striping of orange and cream. These fruits are also mini in size but each plant will produce various yields. Filled with a sugary flavour they are great for culinary uses, and are also suitable for storing. Available from

5. ‘HUNDREDWEIGHT’ A popular type for competitions, this variety is renowned for producing prize-winning specimens. If you want to grow a singular heavy fruit make sure you take away other smaller ones so that all the energy the plant gains will be transported into producing a competition veg or a large pumpkin fit for Halloween. This yellow-orange fruit not only has a pleasing round shape but like many other varieties is great used in cooking. Available from

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