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5 Drink Recipes Using British Crops for the Royal Wedding

18th May 2018

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With the countdown on to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Royal Wedding, thousands of people across the UK, and the rest of the world, will be busy planning their own celebrations. What better way to mark the biggest wedding of the year, than by hosting your very own street party or garden party complete with cocktails and mocktails using amazing produce you have grown yourself? The Ice Co has designed five Great British tipples for you to serve to your friends and family on the big day.

The ‘Harkle Sparkle’ Royal Wedding Party Punch
The Ice Co has created the perfect party punch especially for the Royal Wedding, named after the happy couple! Containing strawberries, it’s very British, and the addition of prosecco gives it that all-important classy touch.

Drink 1

3 handfuls of The Ice Co Crushed Ice
5 handfuls of strawberries
4 tablespoons of sugar
10ml of vodka or strawberry liqueur
1 teaspoon of lemon juice
1 bottle of chilled prosecco

Add the crushed ice, strawberries, vodka or strawberry liqueur, sugar and lemon juice to a blender then blend until smooth.
Pour over a fine strainer into a pitcher.
Fill a champagne glass ¼ full with the mixture and slowly top with prosecco.
Stir gently and enjoy!

Note: You can make this a mocktail by switching the vodka or liqueur for berry cordial, and the prosecco for lemonade.

GYO’s Growing Tip
To keep your strawberry fruits in good health as they grow, put straw under the developing yields to prevent them laying on the bare earth which can lead to rotting!

Cucumber Collins
This already popular cocktail choice has been given an English twist for the Royal Wedding! Freshen up a Tom Collins with fresh cucumber and pair with a local craft gin, recently crowned as Britain’s favourite spirit.

Drink 2

2 handfuls of The Ice Co Premium Ice Cubes
50ml local craft gin
15ml measure of Limoncello
15ml measure of lemon juice
10ml measure of sugar syrup
Soda water
Cucumber and mint to garnish

Fill a tall glass with the Premium Ice Cubes.
Pour in the gin, Limoncello, lemon juice and sugar syrup.
Top with soda water and stir.
Garnish with a cucumber slice and mint, then serve.

GYO’s Growing Tip
As cucumber plants develop, the stem can be trained up a cane so the specimen has support as it grows. For those cultivating mint it is important to remember it has a vigorous growth habit, so you can plant it in a container to keep its development in check.

Raspberry Lemonade
This homemade taste bud-tickling mocktail is perfect for sharing with family and friends. With raspberry picking season shortly upon us, this is a great way to try something different with your fresh raspberries.

Drink 3

5 handfuls of The Ice Co Party Ice cubes
5 handfuls of fresh raspberries
4 tablespoons of caster sugar
Grated zest and juice of 4 waxed lemons
1 litre of sparkling water
Lemon slice to garnish

Place ¾ of the raspberries in a bowl and toss with the caster sugar.
Puree through a sieve into a jug.
Mix the lemon zest and juice into the jug and top with sparkling water.
Add the Party Ice cubes and stir well.
Add the remaining raspberries and a few slices of lemon, then serve.

Tip: You can make the base mixture beforehand and keep it chilled in the fridge – just add the Party Ice and garnish before serving.

GYO’s Growing Tip
For a prolonged supply of delicious raspberries, plant a mixture of summer and autumn-fruiting varieties in a sunny, sheltered area. These plants like fertile, moisture-retentive soil.

Pink Ginberry
Pink gin cocktails are a hot trend right now, and they’re simple and delicious to make at home. Garnish with strawberries and mint to create the ultimate posh cocktail for the Royal Wedding.

Drink 4

3-4 of The Ice Co Super Cubes
25ml Pink Gin
50ml Prosecco
Fresh mint to garnish

Add Super Cubes to a large wine or balloon glass.
Pour in the pink gin and prosecco then top up with lemonade.
Garnish with strawberries and mint before serving.

GYO’s Growing Tip
Remember to put a protective cage over your strawberries as they develop so that birds and squirrels do not take the yields. It is important that when planting new specimens they are watered regularly. Mint plants also require frequent watering throughout hot weather.

Royal Rhubarb Refresher
Lots of deliciously tangy rhubarb is grown in Yorkshire’s famous ‘Rhubarb Triangle’ and it’s in season right now. Mixing it with ginger in this recipe creates a refreshing cooler with a bitter twist, which is perfect for a warm spring day.

Drink 5

4 handfuls of The Ice Co Party Ice cubes
25ml rhubarb syrup
½ cup of juice from 2 to 3 limes
Ginger beer
Lime wedges to garnish

Add the rhubarb syrup and lime juice to a large jug or pitcher and mix.
Fill the jug half full with ice and add the ginger beer.
Stir well before garnishing with lime wedges.

Note: If you want to make an alcoholic version, simply add 25ml of gin or vodka to each glass before pouring the mixture in.

GYO’s Growing Tip
As rhubarb develops it can be tempting to harvest it as soon as it appears, but if you have just planted the specimen then it is best not to pick any stems for the first year. This allows it to comfortably establish and will help ensure a great crop next year.

The Ice Co’s Super Cubes, Crushed Ice, Party Ice and Premium Ice are available at Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Ocado and Morrisons with an RRP from £1. Find out more at


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