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5 Autumnal Essentials To Help You Achieve Success On The Plot

15th September 2017

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The autumn months are a time to reflect on the growing season and to consider how you can make improvements in your growing space. There are many different products available that can help you to stay organised and complete jobs on the plot in comfort and style. Take a look at these essentials which will allow you to produce bumper fruit and veg crops for many years to come.

Garden kneelers
If you’re often working low to the ground in a veg bed then a garden kneeler is the perfect piece of equipment to help you complete jobs in comfort. These products can be easily folded away and are easy to store, with a padded area to rest your knees, or if flipped the other way, to sit down on, allowing you to spend more time completing important tasks such as planting and weeding.

As the leaves fall from the trees and many edible crops end their life cycle it’s likely that your plot will appear cluttered over a very short period of time. Decaying plant matter can contribute to the spread of disease, so it’s important to tidy up as much as possible. Rakes are a fantastic tool for collecting garden waste quickly and efficiently, and a range of types and sizes are available so that you can choose one that suits you.

Storage shelves
If you have an indoor space to keep your tools and equipment, such as a shed or garage, then making use of the vertical areas will help you to stay organised and avoid a product pile-up. Storage shelves can be tucked away in a corner or hung on the wall. They often contain compartments which will allow you to group objects together according to the tasks they are used for.

Garden fleece
While planning for next season may be an important and exciting task, it’s also vital to think about the upcoming cold weather. Frosts can cause serious damage to perennials and any vulnerable plants, possibly reducing vigor and yield production. Fleece is a fantastic, light-weight material that can help you to protect your edibles from these wintry conditions, and it is also reasonably priced.

Leaf blowers
Another way to quickly collect leaves and tidy up your growing space is to use a leaf blower. It will help you to gather a large amount of foliage in one go, which could be used to make leaf mould that will benefit your crops next season, or perhaps you could dedicate a small section of your garden to housing hibernating wildlife?

With so many jobs to be done on the plot over the next couple of months, these autumn essentials will ensure that you complete them quickly and efficiently. Give these products a try and discover the benefits of quality gardening equipment for many seasons to come.


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