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Thread: Turnips - soft rot

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    Default Turnips - soft rot

    I think it's soft rot:

    Attachment 25126

    What causes it? And can I compost them?

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    Swedes and turnips are very sensitive to boron deficiency, which causes brown rot (heart rot) or internal speckling.
    From memory the organic way to add it to the soil is by adding seaweed or seawed based products which can sometimes help.

    Usually though if your soil is in good heart and full of organic matter the miniscule amount of boron required for growth should be present.

    PS If it can be contributed to boron deficiency then yes you can compost them, in fact the decomposition process has already started.
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    Default Is this soft rot on turnips?

    Image of suspected soft rot

    And should they be in the compost bin or destroyed?
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