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    Default greenfly and dishwater/washing up liquid

    Does it work?

    Mangetout and leeks are infested with greenfly and although we have plenty of hoverflies about, the ladybirds seem to be a bit thin on the ground .

    Have seen a couple of posts which suggest spraying dishwater or washing-up dilute solution on infected plants to deal with the problem (rather than going down the pesticide route) but no-one seems to have ever reported back as to whether or not this actually works.

    Is it an effective method?

    Many thanks

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    Not in my experience, and today we have swarms of the peskies!
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    it does work, but is more effective if you use chilli/garlic/neem oil / teatree oil in water with a few drops of soap added, this allows the oil to mix with the water, and is very effective ... .... but as you have an immediate problem, you probably wont have neem oil handy so chilli/garlic/curry powder etc, mixed with water and a few drops of soap will work better than just the soap

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