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Thread: Lots of ants and aphids/black fly

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1Bee View Post
    Does anyone know if the powder is ant-specific? As in, if I use it, will I kill anything else I don't want to kill?
    On this safety data sheet it confuses me because they say
    "Not considered dangerous to warm blooded animals. Extremely dangerous to fish and other aquatic life."
    But then it says-
    Inhalation irritation to respiratory system.
    Ingestion unlikely occupational hazard. Deliberate ingestion could
    lead to neurological signs and symptoms such as ataxia, tremors or convulsions.
    Additional medical guidance is available to doctors from the National Poisons Information Service.
    Eye Contact - rinse with water thoroughly. If irritation persists seek medical advice.
    Skin Contact - wash with soap and water. Remove and wash contaminated clothing. Ingestion - seek medical advice.
    So I don't use it because it seems it could be harmful to my cat/wildlife,they can't wash it off,I don't understand how they can say it's not considered dangerous to warm blooded animals when it looks like it can be to us & I just imagine my cat laying in it & licking it off,so I prefer the nippon gel you can put on a bit of card & tuck it under a trough or somewhere out the way.

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    So I was reading about destroying ant nests and I discovered this titbit.

    Destroy the nest and the queen, next year the nest will be gone, however, there will be more nests!

    If you leave an established nest and queen she will protect the area and any winged ants landing to nest as queens are destroyed by the original nest members (if the main nest is destroyed this process does not happen)

    If you kill all aphids, chances are their predators die of hunger or the spray used to kill the aphids, and you will not get all the aphids anyway and so with no predators they will return undisturbed and thus in larger number.

    sorry for stating the obvious, to some but to others it may be helpful.

    I tend to wash or gentley squish, (because of the tenderness of the area) most aphids around the meristems to try reduce stunted and distorted growth, but I do not try kill all aphids because ants are here to stay and if they have something to eat in the garden etc, they are less likely to be in my house, so I figure give a little love and less hate to the balance of life that existed before and will after my time on earth as a custodian of my space.....

    I am not but yet may have womble tendencies
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    Before you spray a single thing ,
    sit down and read, "The silent spring!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonny.D View Post
    I'm using a cut down paint brush as this kills as removes them and also an old toothbrush
    This is genius! I was worried about damaging the leaves, especially when the aphids are in the joint between two veins. The cut-down paintbrush works a treat. I went with a 1.5" brush and it's perfect. Thanks, Jonny!

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