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Thread: Yacon

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    Default Yacon

    I've grown Yacon again this year but have no greenhouse to overwinter the dahlia like tubers.
    Yacon has a primary and secondary root system. The primary are the large deep rooted tubers which are harvested and the secondary dahlia like roots are used for propagation the following year.

    I know that dahlias tubers can be buried under a hedge where its dry and frost free to preserve them over winter

    I haven't got a hedge, but my idea is to dig up the Yacon, harvest the large roots and re-bury the secondary root tubers deeply in the same position .They will be dug up and started into growth in the Spring.

    I reckon if I bury them 200mm below the ground they should be safe from frost?
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    You get one guess :)


    Mine have been left outside the last couple of winters and they have been fine against the elements but have been held back by slug attacks in spring. I have also shoved odd tubers in soil and left in the garage over winter with good effect, so I should imagine anywhere sheltered would be fine. I failed miserably at lifting and storing them dry However, if you can store dahlias you may fair well, cos I suck at that as well
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    In a mild winter (like the last one) my yacon roots survived in the soil, but in colder winters they haven't, so I would hedge (har, har) your bets, and keep some in the coolest frost free place you have as well.
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