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Thread: What I did today - 2017

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    Default What I did today - 2017

    This is intended to act as an aide memoir to everyone on the Grapevine - to remind us of tasks that should be carried out at that time of year.
    It is not intended to be a Blog or a journal but simply an aid to help.

    I hope everyone will post what they did in their garden or allotment each day.

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    What I did today - 2015
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    Bought 3 growbags - had intended to fire up the new ikea growlights (24? Xmas prezzie for self) and sow some lettuce and some chillis but I've run out of steam - no sleep last night...

    So tomorrow get the growlights jerryrigged into a wooden housing and get the seeds in underneath.

    Felt good to be thinking about actually growing something again...

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    Ooo happy new year!

    Went to b&q and bought some manure this morning. Popped over the plot and finished painting the purple palace aka the shed. Im a very messy painter, so I managed to cover myself, the paving, my boots, and the thermos in a lovely shade of lavender.

    Weeded the finished rhubarb bed & dug a hole for the crown that needs to be moved... Well, I attempted to move it, but couldnt dig it out, so left it for the OH to do. I did put some manure down around the other crowns though. It was lovely over there, sunny but cold.

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    Happy new year everyone

    The chilli seeds arrived today, so will be starting them off tomorrow when I can find the propagator!
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    Well, not quite a " what I did today" but what I did two days ago. Found my self saved Sweet Pea seeds in the greenhouse. I was so sure I had packed them away but I obviously didnt. I decided to take a risk and sowed them. They are in the heated prop in the conservatory. Fingers crossed. They put on such a wonderful display last year I am hoping for repeat this time.

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    I finally 'rescued' my biggest pumpkin that I'd left languishing in my poor, neglected GH. The smaller two, unfortunately were despatched to the good old compost bin!

    My mega pumpkin (well, half of it!) is now a scrummy soup!

    Note to self: Really enjoyed mooching in GH - must make the time to clear/sort/clean ready for 2017's new arrivals...!
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    I spread manure, weeded, put up shelves and tidied the lean to. And I started a blog
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    Bought 225 LED 14W Grow Panel Red Blue Hydroponic Light Board Grow Tent LED hanger & a 500mm x 500mm Propagator Horticultural Heat Mat Propagator to build a grow station in my external brick shed mounted on top of the small freezer that holds the allotment produce.

    All Big Mally's fault really after seeing his latest creation. SWMBO only allows my little Ikea Greenhouse in the kitchen behind the patio door, I'll not get away with window cill set up as she has too many ornaments on them.

    I just need to find a home for the lawnmower that lived on top of the freezer, which means clearing out the other two sheds as they are full to the doors with useful rubbish.

    I just may be able to get some tomatoes off to a flying start this year.
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