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Thread: Sowing Parsnips

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    Default Sowing Parsnips

    I have found a great way of sowing parsnips.
    Place some kitchen towel in strips on a tray and then wet it then put yuor seed on top then place in the airing cupboard until they germinate.
    Then make a drill and place the strips of seed into it and cover!
    I have now got a lovely row of young parsnips!
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    Oooooooooooooooooooooo sounds a good idea Might try that
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    Like DIY seed tapes! Great idea.

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    tried that already, waited 3 weeks .... nothing ..... i've now just chucked all the seed in a 1sqm patch and left em to it ..... dunno if they will work but i got fed up of them lol ...... mind you, the mini parsnips i bought are romping away ...... very strange, looks like i'll be on mini parsnips only this year ...... unless by some miracle the others germinate, which so far none of them have

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