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    spudstacker is offline Seedling
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    Jan 2009

    Default Planted potatoes in the greenhouse today

    Hi Everyone
    Have spent a long time in the greenhouse today planting my seed potatoes in grow bags and other some other containers. I am trialing growing some in ash from last nights fire , some with grow more and lastly some with a little manure. I used soil that was kept in the utility room overnight to warm it up.
    The potatoes are now in the unheated greenhouse with newspaper on the top of the soil to keep a bit of warm in. I had a bumper harvest at the end of April by starting early last year.
    I am not sure if this year will be so successful as it is a lot colder than last year. But nothing ventured nothing gained!!
    Has anyone else planted any yet? Or am I the only mad fool out there!

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    allotmentlady's Avatar
    allotmentlady is offline Early Fruiter
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    Sep 2007
    in a mad mad place in lancashire
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    whereabouts are you in the country? (thinking of temps) I have never heard of spuds going in at this time of year? might give it a go though......
    Dont worry about tomorrow, live for today

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    spudstacker is offline Seedling
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    Jan 2009


    I live in Northamptonshire, so we are not so far north, although the weather has been very cold of late. Have attached my harvest from last April (planted about this time) I don't know why more people don't try it.
    As long as you keep the foliage from appearing by toppping the soil up when you see the green shoots and you keep in an indoor environment.
    I put a layer of fleece over from March onwards when you can't holdthe greenary back any longer.
    Give it whirl, it is not fool proof, but it is great when you get a decent harvest.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Planted potatoes in the greenhouse today-spud-harvest-ants.jpg   Planted potatoes in the greenhouse today-2168.jpg  

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    bramble is offline Early Fruiter
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    Mar 2006
    Dublin, Ireland. East Coast.


    HI Spudstacker, those potatoes from your last crop look great. Will give a try to planting early. What variety of potatoes did you plant today?

    And when your back stops aching,
    And your hands begin to harden.
    You will find yourself a partner,
    In the glory of the garden.

    Rudyard Kipling.

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    terrier's Avatar
    terrier is offline Cropper
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    Mar 2007
    North Wales


    Spudstacker, I've never heard of planting in ash before, do you mean pure ash or ash mixed with soil? I get tons of ash from my log burner most of which gets incorporated into the midden.
    I you'st to have a handle on the world .. but it BROKE!!

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    tattieman's Avatar
    tattieman is offline Tuber
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    Oct 2008


    I might put some in my greenhouse and try it.
    It is worth trying once with a few spuds and a bit of compost.

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    SarzWix is offline Gardening Gnomette
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    Jul 2006
    Near Skipton
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    I think I'd feel more confident of keeping potatoes safe from frost this early than tomatoes - as Spudstacker says, you can just keep on covering the foliage until the weather is a bit better, especially in a nice tall container. I'm not going to be fit to do it for a few weeks yet, but I'll give it a go then

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    spudstacker is offline Seedling
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    Jan 2009


    I am trying three varieties - Rocket (not sure if they will grow to quickly but going to give it a go), Homeguard and Pentland Javelin. I will let you know how it is goes.

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