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    Default Planning ahead - squash Crown Prince

    Good morning

    I've been thinking ahead to next years growing season and really fancy growing a 'Blue' squash and more specifically 'Crown Prince', for a varietyy of reasons:

    1) They're rumoured to be a fabulous plant in terms of being beneficial to bees;
    2) I believe it is a faster maturing variety and therefore may be a good one to try in terms of our shifting seasons;
    3) I love the colour of the skin and the combo of skin and flesh once cut open; and
    4) I love all things squash and want to try something a little different alongside my ususal pumpkin, cobnut and 'winter squash mix' varieties.

    So I was wondering if anyone was growing or has grown this variety and how easy or difficult it is (not that this will necessarily stop me but I'd like to know in advance if the success rate is small ).

    Thanks in advance for comments, suggestions and advice.

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    It's quicker than a butternut (which need a warmer summer than the UK currently provides), but not especially fast, no.

    I can't see that it's any more beneficial to bees than other squashes?

    It's a great big fruit (too big for us which is why I didn't grow any this year) but keeps well if cured correctly

    All gardeners know better than other gardeners." -- Chinese Proverb.

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    I found it easy enough to grow (large vines mind) the taste is outstanding and stores amazingly well.

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