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Thread: Leeks

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    Default Leeks

    I know it is a bit tight, but can I sow leeks in may? lost my first lot!!

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    Mr Bones's Avatar
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    Jun 2012


    It might be a bit on the late side but TBH I don't really know. Ones thing's certain, they won't grow if you don't sow them, so give it a go. If you have the space at the least you'll have baby leeks to eat.
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    If you've got the seeds and space I'd go for it, like Mr B says you'll have some baby leeks to eat.
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    Baby leeks cost a fortune in the supermarket so think of the money you'll save if that's all you get
    If it's a mild winter they may still put on a bit of weight as you gradually work through eating them so if you can afford the space why not go for it.
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