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    Nicky is offline Seedling
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    Sep 2006
    Ipswich, Suffolk

    Default Jerusalem artichokes

    How many people grew them last year after the program on BBC2?
    If you did grow them last year what were your thoughts on them and did they have the effect of giving you bad wind as per the rumour I heard - not that I really want to hear about that sort of thing but it I've heard it's an unpleasent side effect that they forgot to mention on the program.

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    Jan 2007


    Hi Nicky,

    I don't grow any artichoke but has eaten it several times, not bad really, will buy some more soon.
    It should not give you such problem if you allow your tuber out side while there is light frost (for a night or 2), this way, it will intense the sweet taste and minimize the side effect but of course some poeple are more prone too the side effect what ever you do to prepare it. Good luck withe the Artichoke tuber tasting.

    I grow, I pick, I eat ...

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    Two_Sheds's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    windy east coast, sandy soil


    I grew them last year, didn't like the texture much: bit too spongey squishy for me.
    All gardeners know better than other gardeners." -- Chinese Proverb.

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    Marylou is offline Germinator
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    Nov 2005


    Hi - I did not see the programme, but I do know that the embarassing side effects diminish when artichokes are eaten fairly frequently. Apparently the gut becomes "acclimatised" and therefore does not produce a "reaction" !

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    Flummery's Avatar
    Flummery is offline Gardening Guru
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    Mar 2007
    East Yorkshire


    I've grown them for years - didn't see the programme. They do make me windy - I get a rumble on too - but not painfully so. I love them, love the soup, love them added to roast potaotes, love them added into mashed potato. I'm prepared to tolerate the wind (and whiff) and so is OH.
    Whoever plants a garden believes in the future. Updated March 9th - Spring

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    Nicos's Avatar
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    Dec 2005
    Normandy (61) France


    I grow them each year- not especially out of choice, but we planted a few near a buried bit of wire bunny fencing and can't get at all the tubers to clear the area!! ( learn from this folks!!!!)

    So every year we get a lovely display of flowers from them and a bit of a windshield - and of course the JA's.
    Won't waste them, but they are not a favourite veg for us, but they get mashed with spuds, added to soups and stews in small amounts so as not to create too much 'trouble'

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    Sep 2007
    suffolk during the week yorkshire at weekends


    yep i watched it and grew them but we didnt reali cook them right so will try again this year. only problem i had was the bloke in the plot next to me complaining about the massive weeds i had. i dont think he had ever heard of JA before

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    cottage garden's Avatar
    cottage garden is offline Sprouter
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    Jul 2007
    East Sussex


    I have grown them now for a few years and love the fact that you can harvest them at your leisure because they store much better in the ground than out of it. I can also think I have pulled them all out but even the tiniest fragment will seed again and produce crops. Once sown you never need to again!!

    and yes..hmm...definitely wind...blush...

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