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    Default hawthorn cuttings

    can anyone tell me how to take hawthorn cuttings Ihave got a few holes in my allotment hedge and I am hoping that I might be able to grow a few hedge cuttings but dont know how or what time of the year to do it

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    Yeah, I don't know either. I had a bit of a google last week and the bit I found suggested it was easier to grow hawthorn from seed rather than cutting. But we were hand-pruning some of the hedge anyway so we cut the 'bits' to about 8" and just stuck them in a 'slit trench'. They've got two chances!

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    I recently trimmed my red/black currant bush, and I thought afterwards, I wonder if I can plant them as cuttings.
    Some are doing ok. I think currants would make a good low (4') hedge.


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