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    Default Chicory "Brussels Witloof"

    Hello everybody -
    I'm trying this chicory for the first time this year.
    Has anybody had any success growing this from seed in a raised bed? Or must it really be sown in the ground.
    Is there any benefit in propagating the seeds indoors first rather than sowing and thinning out?
    I also seem to remember reading somewhere that you could force these in pots quite quickly and easily?
    Any advice would be really appreciated.

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    I'm currently forcing these in my kitchen. Last year I sowed the seeds in modules in the greenhouse, transplanted baby plants into the ground (a raised bed would do equally well). Then in oct/nov (when the leaves died down) I dug them up and roughly potted them up 2-3 per pot and shoved them in the greenhouse. About 3-4 weeks before I wanted chicons I brought the pots into the house and into the cupboard under the sink where it was warm and dark to force them. Lots of 'stages' but nothing too taxing and a good veg to have in the winter (although the children didn't appreciate the bitter flavour!). Gave the plumber a surprise too when he went looking for the stockcock...

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