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    gamblesgreenhouse is offline Germinator
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    Jul 2010

    Default blood fish and bone

    Got a box of blood,fish and bone at Aldi recently and not too sure what to do with it!
    I had seen it mentioned in the magazine and on the forum but i am unsure of when to apply it and to what?
    I have a fairly clay soil which has been used for veg for the past 3 years and is improving each year.
    I currently have 1 area cleared awaiting the new planting for this year and another section with overwintering spring cabbage and kale.
    As it is now getting closer to planting time i want to start to get the soil in tip top condition.
    Do i add the blood fish and bone before planting my seeds/seedlings or wait and do them at the same time?
    Is it suitable for all types of veg-i plan on spuds,onions,french and broad beans, swede,beetroot,parsnip,carrots?
    and can i apply it to the overwintering cabbages and kale?
    I have just added a few buckets of home made compost at the weekend and covered with those little polytunnels to warm the soil
    This blood fish and bone has got me a little confused

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    Two_Sheds's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    windy east coast, sandy soil


    does this help? Understanding Fertilisers from the National Vegetable Society

    "Fish, blood and bone. For raking into ground before planting. High in potash by the standards of organic fertilisers, so, good for flower beds"

    Comfrey leaves are an excellent source of organic potash. I stew them in water and then apply to crops with a watering can. The leaves can be used as a mulch around fruit bushes, spuds etc.

    Roots (parsnips, carrots) don't need any feed
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    All gardeners know better than other gardeners." -- Chinese Proverb.[/CENTER]

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    Flummery's Avatar
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    East Yorkshire


    I've just been to my plot for a mega weed removing session and scattered BF&B over the prepared area. I find it useful to apply it a couple of weeks before I sow or plant.

    A couple of years ago my son-in-law decided to start growing his own vegetables. He de-turfed and dug some beds at the end of their enormous lawn and asked me what to use on the soil. I suggested BF&B and he toddled off to the garden centre. He couldn't find it so he asked the elderly chap at the counter who wandered off elsewhere and reappeared with a box. "Do you mind me asking where you heard about it?" he asked the bemused lad. (It's not as if it's a state secret.) "My mum-in-law said she uses it" he answered. "Thought so," said the garden centre man, "It's always the old people who know about this."

    OLD PEOPLE?! S-I-L thought it was a huge joke!
    Whoever plants a garden believes in the future. Updated March 9th - Spring

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    Florence Fennel's Avatar
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    Jul 2008


    Bet your SIL makes a meal of that Flum, I know mine would! I use BF&B in the same way, a couple of weeks before planting.
    Granny on the Game

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    Aug 2008
    Haslemere, Surrey


    So do I Flo.
    Don't worry Flum it is often "the old people" who have the best veg! Very odd that the nipper in the garden centre didn't know about it. We sell shed loads of the stuff
    WPC F Hobbit, Shire police

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