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Thread: What I did today - 2017

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    Feb 2013
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    Planted the new Lilac, found a home for the 3 Berberis, did some planning for a spotspot for my Fuschia and Gunnera and finally tidied up around the honeysuckle.
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    No veggie gardening yesterday but did plant out a Blueberry at my house, along with cutting the lawn, tying in the honeysuckle to my obelisk, deadheading the roses and pinks and hacking back a Rhododenron that was aiming for world domination.
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    Feb 2013


    Weeded/tidied up the main brassica bed - PSB is now stretching the netting on the top of the cage, not sure what to do about that!
    Weeded and raked over a patch in one of the raised beds and broadcast sowed some spinach, not expecting much from this, but you never know!
    Went round and pulled a few weeds - just pulling a few every day is keeping them at bay.
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    Apr 2015
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    Dug some more Sarpo Blue Danube. Very variable yield between plants, I'm finding. Plus, of course, the biggest spud I found today was the one I stuck my fork through... *eyeroll*

    Tied up wandering tromboncino, tomatoes and sunflowers.

    Inspected the runner beans and ate the first of the year. Texted neighbour and cat sitter that Beanageddon approaches and she should start picking soon. Thankfully she loved runners and these taste GOOD.

    Fed with homemade weed tea. Prayed for my nasal receptors to shut down.

    Weeded and scattered slug stuff. Hoed. Weeded some more. And more.

    Forgot to wipe the caterpillars off the swedes.

    Mowed the path.

    Picked courgettes, sweet peas and mangetout.

    Stared disconsolately at tiny french beans and lacklustre french bean plants.

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    Apr 2017
    Hereford West mids


    Today I spotted some Kale my son sowed has come up.. not sure its exactly the right time of year for it but I will keep in pots now and try to nurse it through winter and plant it out in spring, he was adament he wanted to plant some and I thought it wouldnt hurt to try.. he is only 6 and incredibly keen so here is our winter project, should it last in a pot till spring?
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    Feb 2015
    Alnwick, Northumberland


    Busy day on the plot today. Originally only planned a couple of hours tops to get me back into the swing of things but I was enjoying myself so much I did 4 & half hours I've hardly been at the plot this summer but feeling a LOT better mentally now and going to get it kicked into shape in the coming weeks. I'm actually feeling REALLY excited again which is something that has been lacking this year.

    First job was to completely weed out the greenhouse which was being taken over by ferns, raspberries and nettles and found my TWO pairs of secateurs I've been looking for for weeks!

    Weeded area beside potting bench as a rather spiky bramble was taking over....as well as 6ft high nettles!

    Planted out four Cerinthe plants and five Salvia which I picked up in the bargain bin in Morrisons....all at 59p each instead of 3.....all they needed was potting up into bigger pots! This I did weeks ago and the poor plants are now pot bound again so I got them out into the ground.

    Hacked down and removed the 4ft high thistle that SHOULD have been sorted when it was just 4cm!!!! Ditto nearby nettles, willowherb and rampaging borage!!!

    As we are pulling down the rotten cobbled-together polytunnel (before it falls down whilst I'm in it!) I used some of the soil in it's beds to fill two planters and put two pot-bound Clematis in them. This should see them ok till I sort out a proper pergola/obelisk/frame for them to climb over. One is Clematis alpina but the other had no label *bad Gill!!!* but I have a feeling it is Julie Correvan. Either way they're now in a temporary pot for a few weeks or the spring. Probably the latter as we're having a HUGE revamp of the plot and Neil will be building me a new polytunnel in the coming months.

    Tied back a few straggly perennials that were flopping all over....probably cos Gill forgot to take note LAST SUMMER and put frames in place!!!

    Finally I pulled out all the nettles that were taking over the path next to the shed.
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    Looking forward to growing crops in 2017

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    Dec 2014


    Cut back all the echinaceas. Dead headed the Dahlias, winnowed then packaged up more Dahlia seeds, and happy to say i've nearly finished these now
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    Oct 2015
    Gravesend, kent
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    Fought my way through my sunflower jungle to pick veg. Came away with beans, cabbage, foot long cucumber, few toms and 2 lettuce. Amused myself / made a mess by doing some flower arranging when i got home. Nothing like a homegrown bunch of flowers to make a girl smile!
    Growing by trial and error in Kent

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