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Thread: 9 star calabrese

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    Default 9 star calabrese

    Dear All. Has anyone grown 9 star calabrese? I need to find out how tall it might grow please. I have quite a few plants by mistake! I thought I ordered 4 plants - what I got was 4 x 5 plants ... so lets hope we like it! Happy to share a few RG8

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    The only Nine Star brassica vegetable I know of is a perennial broccoli which has small white heads, and is not what is usually called a calabrese. Here's an article about it.

    It doesn't give a height but does say "This plant grows larger than a cauliflower and needs to be at least 90cm away from the next plant."

    If that's what it is I'd love to have some of your spares, except that I live in Slovakia so that's not really practical.
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    Here are some photos of mine

    This is how it looks now - behind the white dog.

    Attachment 71029

    So far, I'm a bit underwhelmed by it! Hoped for more cauli and less leaf.
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    I grew Nine Star perenial cauliflower for a few years Small yellowish cauli heads about the size of a snooker ball. It grew to maybe 1m high with a 1m girth but had very brittle stems which easily snapped.
    2nd years crop was better and quite tasty, then in the third year it just curled up its toes and died on me. It was attacked by cabbage root fly if i remember correctly.
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