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Thread: Mustard seeds for making mustard

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    Thanks, very helpful

    Quote Originally Posted by TrialAndError View Post
    I think you would get something like wholegrain mustard but rather damaging to the teeth!
    But like my Wholemeal bread then? !!
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    There are three key principles to turning those seeds into tasty mustard:

    1. It's much easier to process / blitz them into mustard if you've soaked them for a few days to soften them. dry mustard seeds are very hard.

    2. Water, not vinegar, triggers the enzyme in the seeds that releases flavour. But leave them soaking in water too long (more than about 10 minutes) and the flavour fades again. So it's then, after 10 mins, that you add the vinegar, which stops the reaction and fixes the flavour. And that's the mix that you leave to soak for a few days.

    3. After you've soaked and blitzed the mix, your mustard will probbly taste vile. You have to let it mature. I usually leave it for at least two months. The longer the better and the transformation of the taste can be stunning. I left one jar for about a year, after which it tasted sublime.

    Here's my recipe and method.

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    Thanks very much for the replies. I'll try a jar of mustard seeds from Asda first and if that doesn't work will then use TrysHard Amazon seed recommendation.

    And thanks very much for the recipe WilliamD, excellent.

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