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Thread: What I did today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maddiesaur View Post
    Had a fantastic day at the allotment today. My first day at the allotment.

    Kicked off this morning with a visit from our local RHS co-ordinator, doing a quick seed sowing demo, a walk around the lotty giving advice and opinion and handing out oodles of freebies.

    Got to meet most of the folk who currently have plots, including two other newbies who only chose their plots this morning.

    Spoke to co-ordinator about my plans for some sqft gardening beds at the bottom of the plot and all of the taller veges (beans, peas, that sort of thing) and root or bigger veges at the top of the plot. We took a walk around and she agreed that would be a great option for using the space, keeping things simple and laid out clearly and good for experimenting too. So I'm thankful for everyone's advice on the sqft gardening methods etc, I'm glad I looked into it

    Having a bit of a poke about on my plots, I found several signs of life which I did not expect!
    Under a rather ratty piece of mostly broken netting at the bottom, we discovered ten very healthy looking strawberry plants with new growth and two unloved Kale plants. This area has a lot of grass growing between the strawbs so will need to hand pull them and inspect the strawbs properly. I'll have to get some more netting too to keep them covered. I'll pull the Kale and dedicate the whole bed to strawberries, may as well, we wanted to plant strawbs anyhow, so there is a free bed of them right there for us, woop!

    Took photos of the plots to better help me plan what I'll need to do and found an old organiser diary thing, so I can set out some plans, look at seed dates and the like, later on tonight with a wee cheeky glass of something

    Quite productive for a damp and windy day.
    Show us your plot/s

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    Sunny day today, planted some onions and shallot sets in modules - I know some people say you shouldn't but I did it last year and had a bumper harvest ☺️ Also planted some spring onions, Brussels sprouts, radishes and salad leaves in my new bargain salad bag planter! Hopefully some fresh leaves in a few weeks 🌿🍁🌿 Going to be hotter than Ibiza here tomorrow apparently, spring has sprung!

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    Arrived at lottie to find my neighbours plot in disarray , toolbox empty and wheelbarrow missing, phone call to break bad news revealed he has given up plot! He told me to take what I wanted so I emptied all thee compost heaps onto my raised beds and took 2 builders bags of manure along with a 50 m roll of 2m wide mypex. Weeded out strawberries and elephant garlic , repaired bean frame and emptied out my compost bins. Made a cup of tea and sat watching robin picking over compost he even sat on my shoulder several times while I was weeding darting down to pick up bugs. Rescrewed corners of raised beds that had sprung over winter.covered 5 beds with hoops and clear plastic to warm soil then came home for restorative beer and bath. A good day but mixed feelings about loss of a good neighbour, anyone in harrow need a plot?

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    Wish I had a plot, I'm in Glossop!

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    Y/day: 9am I was down the lotty. Dug over my new strawberry bed. Pulled up the last of the sprouts and then dug that bed over. Dug up some parsnips from my a pals plot ( he said I could I didn't steel them!) Council inspector came to take a look round our site. Its the first time anyone can remember this happening (wonders what there up too!) Moved garlic and strawberries down to lotty greenhouse (needed the room in the one at home). In the afternoon I moved the tomatoes out of the heated prop. Also moved my shallots I'm growing from seed out of the other hp. In the greenhouse I sowed spring onions some more shallots and a tray of beetroot. Last of all I sowed some lettuce I got as a freebee from DT Browns in a planter. Off down the lotty now. Peace out.

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    Aldi strikes again....
    This time it was red sun shallots,2 boxes of them, and a couple of boxes of strawberries , florence and cambridge fav. the florence were fine but the others had rotted to a mush in the bag inside, I always swear I wont buy them from Aldi as I have never had much luck with there strawberries.

    After planting the remains of the strawberries, I decided to divide my red hot pokers, I bought them from Aldi a few years ago planted one per flower bucket and now the buckets were full of plants, so 8 from each bucket a lot of new plants , in nice fresh compost, they should be much happier now.

    Re potted a grape vine that I bought from morrisons last year, not the normal ones they do but a small one with 3 cuttings to a pot, now in 3* 15 litre pots.

    Shallots will be need to wait till I get more compost in the morning on the way to work

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    Pricked out 12 Pepper Hot Cayenne, 9 Pepper Patio Sizzle, sorted out pelargonium cuttings, listened to radio while I did it

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    Quote Originally Posted by RaptorUK View Post
    . . . it's a bit like playing musical stone piles

    I'm using my stones as a base for the path and putting wood chippings on top to make it comfortable under foot . . .

    . . . would like to think I'll get it finished tomorrow, but the Rugby is on at 3pm
    Missed the Rugby too busy playing musical stone piles . . . got all the stones moved and put down another 4m of edging, and laid another couple of meters of stones and chippings . . . maybe I'll get the path finished tomorrow.

    What I did today-09-march-2014morepath.jpg

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