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Thread: What I did today 2012-2014

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    The Goatreich is offline Sprouter
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    Aug 2012
    Newport, South Wales


    Potted on my one chilli that has two true leaves.
    Pruned and fed a rose bush.
    Planted some strawberries in hanging baskets.
    Sowed some lavender.
    Bought a rhubarb plant to put in the ground tomorrow.
    And also added a second compost bin to my "recycling centre".

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    marcofez is offline Rooter
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    Oct 2011


    Broad beans "Express" and "Lincoln" peas both planted out today. Protected by cloche until established.

    Also moved from home to lottie, well used mini-greenhouse. Going to use it inside the polytunnel as staging for lots of plants.

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    Vince G's Avatar
    Vince G is offline Tuber
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    Sep 2011
    Ipswich, Suffolk


    Sowed the following squash, thanks to much advice last year on here about the tastiest varieties:

    Crown Prince, Butternut and Pink Banana.

    Also sowed courgettes: Black Beauty and Tondo di Piacenza (round ones!)

    Cucumbers: F1 Baby and Cornichons de Paris

    Melon: Emir and Ananas

    Celery: Loretta (I want to have the right to call myself Loretta and have babies......etc..)

    Sweetcorn: Prelude

    Mixed salad leaves pack
    Are y'oroight booy?

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    Join Date
    Jan 2014
    South Yorkshire


    Potted up the new red rose bush
    Potted up the new white rose ... that isn't ...
    Helped a neighbour lay a soaker hose and figure out how to close off one end and connect the other to plain hose without proper fittings
    Researched a few companion plants
    Resisted the urge to buy said companion plants just yet
    Went a few miles North up the motorway for to watch Derren Brown on stage
    Got back late (or early this morning), opened a can of cider and watered the seedlings

    Still no signs of life from one of the chilli varieties, the strawbs are being painfully slow to develop, and I'm starting to wonder how long I can realistically keep the melon plants, dahlias and queensland arrowroot on the windowsill
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    Gurberly's Avatar
    Gurberly is offline Sprouter
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    Mar 2009


    Sowed a row of Alderman peas.
    Potted on to 3" pots tomatoes that had been sown in early Feb.
    Weeded the broad bean bed.
    Wifey pressure washed some of the paths getting rid of a lot of slippery winter moss and algae.
    I fear no beer

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    Dorothy rouse's Avatar
    Dorothy rouse is offline Early Fruiter
    Join Date
    Sep 2012
    Rochester in Kent


    Managed to construct 2 double rows of netting ready for the mange tout, hopefully will be strong enough.

    Removed netting from broad beans, make it easier for the bees to get to the plants, that are looking quite good.

    Had a joint whinging session with another 'lottie', chatted to another about getting lost whilst looking for bags of 'year old rotted stable manure,' and allowed another Lottie use of my plot for an Easter egg hunt, for his children, now i'm thinking, but it's not Easter today it's Mothering Sunday. Confused !

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    darcyvuqua's Avatar
    darcyvuqua is offline Cropper
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    Jul 2012
    wales, mid glamorgan


    Attachment 43681
    Attachment 43682

    My wife took me and my kids up a mountain for a nice ice cream and we come across this little fellow went to wilko and got some onion sets, weed fabric, a few pots and 2 gravel trays few bits and pieces! Popped to argos and bought a trampoline.

    Then popped to tesco but were not doing Mother's Day today as my son is on a school trip and I'm unable to get up in the morning without help so I gave my wife an IOU for when I'm able to do the lay in with breakfast in bed etc

    Now I'm almost past out on the sofa last two days have wiped me out

    She did get a card and some choccies mind
    Last edited by darcyvuqua; 30-03-2014 at 04:08 PM.
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    In the following link you can follow my recent progress on the plot

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    Bren In Pots's Avatar
    Bren In Pots is online now Bad Hair Day
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    Mar 2007
    Blog Entries


    Put the netting up for my Telephone and Purple Podded peas then planted out Broad beans that I'd grown in loo rolls. After that it was shuffling things from the GH to my tin bath (aka cold frame ) and I've just bought the toms out of the Gh back on the bedroom window sill.
    Plus we opened up the trailer tent for the first time this year, love the smell of canvas

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