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Thread: What I did today 2012-2014

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    Jan 2014
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    Did a bit at home today in preparation for the allotment.

    Strengthened my home made greenhouse staging, it was weak at the back and sagging so have cross braced it. It's made from tanalised sawn timber so has lasted well so far and is screwed together with brass ( and some stainless today ) screws.

    Sown 70 x Leek - Toledo & 50 x Onion - Sweet White Spanish in modules. Makes a nice change for the greenhouse, have mainly grown Tomatoes in there over the years we have had it
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    Did work!

    "skip rat" forever me!

    Picked up these!

    Attachment 42716

    But in need a bit of advise! Have never grown "Agapanthus" Rescued from work! sited em in spare bedroom! I know stuff now needs bringing back into growth, so do I just strip off the sad lower leaves n plant on?

    Attachment 42717

    In't veg far easier than flowers?
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    Rochester in Kent


    Love the blue pots, really nice, no one has skips round here.

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    I love the galvanized buckets, great find!

    The Agapanthus are a bit of a challenge. At this time of year they ought to be nearing the end of a long sleep, whereas those ones look like they've been up all night.

    I think I would keep them cool but away from frost, get them outside when it warms up a bit (April, probably) and let them get over it. Probably won't get any flowers this year but if they settle down and put some healthy growth on in the summer you'll get a good show next year.
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    Please may I have my body back.........I ache in places I didn't know I had..................spent all day breaching a small stream at the bottom of the garden & digging a nice size pond (right next to the beds)..................I didn't realise the time & was still out there in the dark so if you nosey lot want a pic, you'll have to wait till tomorrow..............
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    I dug up more brambles. You probably think that's all I ever do in the garden and that my garden is really an overgrown jungle...................well, you'd be right on both counts.
    But I'm getting there. One day soon I'll start on the nettles
    Life's more exciting with seeds

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    Attachment 42729
    Put edging around my new bed and marked out squares for square foot gardening. Don't look to even from this angle though 😗

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