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Thread: What I did today 2012-2014

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    bethduckie is offline Rooter
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    Jul 2010
    Essex, UK


    And indeed, it is raining! *rolls eyes*

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    Florence Fennel's Avatar
    Florence Fennel is offline Gardening Guru
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    Jul 2008


    Ooer - was it something I said Bethduckie? Spotting here too. Forgot to say, I pricked out some Tom Thumb lettuce and threw loads in the compost. They're in a plastic tub with petroleum jelly round the edges. You should see the stalks of stacks of brassica plants the snails and slugs have left for me, it was soul destroying.
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    binley100's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    under a rain cloud
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    Flo I've lost bras to the smallest snail in the world and he's even smaller now
    Unfleeced the onions (well the wind did) .....planted out some big French shallots , spoke a bit on the radio, popped to neighbours for coffee, earthed up tatties , put straw on the growing up tatties, planted some michaelmas daisies, had to pass on the weeding (couldn't get down ) came home. Potted on some triffids , moved stuff about , pricked out some peppers ............
    S*d the housework I have a lottie to dig
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    Snadger's Avatar
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    Aug 2006
    Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (Is there a nice bit?)


    Planted out some shallots that were getting a bit pot bound.

    Dibbled in 63 leeks (9 rows of 7) which I had set away last October from grass. They are a show strain of leek but I've planted them 6 inches apart just for the pot. I have a dozen or so which are potted on into individual pots in the greenhouse. These I will give a bit more space to when I plant them out in Jume.
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    Currysniffa's Avatar
    Currysniffa is offline Cropper
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    Apr 2010
    A town called Malice
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    Its been drizzling all day but I did nip to the lottie and put my bamboo canes up for the French climbing beans.

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    Sanjo's Avatar
    Sanjo is offline Cropper
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    Apr 2008
    Hornchurch, Essex


    Attacked the finished compost bin and filled a medium sized bucket and transferred to the greenhouse ready for when I put the toms into their final resting place.
    The compost bins are on the ground between the fruit trees and fruit bushes.
    I had trouble digging the compost out from the bottom due to the fine roots which are growing into it, presumably from the fruit.
    Started to earth up my early potatoes that are just showing, then remembered that I had already dug a deep channel and then a hole to place them, just so that I didn't have so much earthing up to do. DOH!
    Still, if there is a frost then at least they are protected.
    Stood at the greenhouse door and admired how neat it is after the grand tidy up yesterday.
    I spent ages getting it ready for leaving if we go away but the weather is so foul where we were intending to go that the idea's been put to one side. Ah well, it needed doing anyway.
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    rustylady's Avatar
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    Oct 2006
    Lowestoft, Suffolk
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    Potted up the chillies and sowed courgettes and BNS

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    Sanjo's Avatar
    Sanjo is offline Cropper
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    Apr 2008
    Hornchurch, Essex


    Potted some Roma and Milla tomatoes into their final sized pots. Placed them on top of the water buckets underneath.
    I haven't watered them at all in the hope that the roots will go down seeking this water. I still have some in smaller pots, ie the one in the foreground, to be done.
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