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Thread: Today I Mostly Harvested......

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    Jun 2006
    Warrington, Cheshire


    Didn't harvest anything apart from about 3 trug loads of weeds and roots but was wondering why this is a new thread? Was the old one getting too big and if that's the reason, why isn't it a problem for the Today I Did one started by Jaxom about a millenium ago? Don't mind either way but was just wondering?

    Some of us live in the past, always talking about back then. Some of us live in the future, always planning what we are going to do. And, then there are those, who neither look behind or ahead, but just enjoy the moment of right now.

    Which one are you and is it how you want to be?

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    Jul 2006
    Renting half a lush farmhouse on a farm full of sheep and cows


    Loads of new people. Some brave enough to register on the GYO Grapevine, and some needing a little extra courage to commit once they've seen how friendly and informative GYO is. Either way, every single one of us learned, or are learning, to grow stuff, and here we be to share our experiences.

    That is what it's truly about. No more, no less.
    But the pleasure is all ours'.
    So - Take it Away Girls and Boys!

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    Flobalob is offline Sprouter
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    Jan 2009
    Melton Mowbray ..finest pork pies in the world.


    4 Lily beetles.
    Never mind the TWADDLE here's the SIX PETALS. Annual seedlings.

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    zazen999 is offline Funky Cold Ribena
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    Jun 2007

    Default year new harvests new grapes.

    Whereas the Jaxom thread is about recording and looking back at what people did and when. It will probably have to be archived one day....and a new one started.

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    Apr 2007
    Co Kerry, Ireland


    spring cabbage - not quite a full head but very nice!
    Jiving on down to the beach to see the blue and the gray, seems to be all and it's rosy-it's a beautiful day!

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    Apr 2006


    Mixed salad leaves, including mizuna, rocket, aruba lettuce and red mustard (I think that's what its called), spring onions and radishes.

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    AnnetteJ is offline Seedling
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    Mar 2009


    Last night I harvested a very big radish and a tiddly one too! It was very exciting - my first home grown food and shared between three of us so we could all have a taste! Off to look for some more now! I only started growing in March and am totally addicted with my conservatory being taken over as a second greenhouse!

    Also had the thinnings of some CCA lettuce! This growing your own is great!!

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    bustertom is offline Seedling
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    Apr 2009
    Powys/Shropshire border


    Over the weekend I have harvested some chives to accompany shop bought courgettes and dreamt about how lovely my courgettes will taste in a few months time. I also had some runner beans - again shop bought - does dreaming count?


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