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    Default When to harvest Butternut Squash

    My single plant has produced extensive growth - 16ft or more with about 10 stems, some climbing an adjacent trellis. I've had to remove several stems as they were swamping other plants. And I have poor chalky soil and only dug in a little compost!

    I have only 3 maturing fruits (all on the same stem), which seems to be par for the course according to previous correspondence. Do I leave these on the plant to fully mature before picking and thus be able to store overwinter? Butternut squash I buy in the shops is a yellow colour and really firm - a tough nut to prepare for cooking! I have one now which has been in a fruit bowl for several weeks and still seems usable. My garden fruits are currently looking light greenish with stripes.

    Advice, please!

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    A ripe butternut should keep for several months, in dry conditions and they make such an interesting display , although I wouldn't say the same for shop bought ones as you don't know how long these have been picked.

    I picked 12 cobnuts last October and displayed them, with other winter squashes, right through until I used the last one which was in February this year.

    So I'd certainly recommend keeping your fruit on the vine until the very last moment (or until they look ripe ).

    That said, I've cut my 4 ripe winter squashes and brought them in but 3 of the plants were looking a little tired and I half hope to stimulate the one decent looking plant to produce some more.


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    Default Why are my butternutts so small?

    I live in Texas so we have a very long growing season. First frost is in novermber usually and it starts warming in february. If I could just get this right, I could do 2 crops. My first try they were small and the space surrounding the seeds was green like an overboiled egg. It didn't affect the flavor or smell at all. I figured that one out by trial and error and what fixed it was adding iron to the soil. So.. last year I had about even numbers of big and small, but none big like they should be. This year, I added a lot of horse manure hoping for the best and I have little squash again. They are ripening now already and should be done in the next couple weeks. What Am I doing Wrong? I grew up in illinois and all you had to do was throw seeds on the ground and huge fruit would grow. Here in Texas, I have a sandy soil which I added peat moss, humus and manure. Full sun and plenty of water in a raised bed. It actually just rained for 8 days straight and had some rain each day for the next three. I used an all purpose vegetable granular fertilizer with the middle number highest. In the same soil I am growing pretty good watermelon and canteloupe. Any Ideas? I could use some sugestions, Thanks

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