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Thread: Things you don't want to see in your polytunnel......

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    Default Things you don't want to see in your polytunnel......

    Two cats fighting each other - one on the outside - one on the inside!

    All those tiny little holes! It's taken me ages to make repairs. I'm so disappointed because my cats have been really well behaved in there up to now: only sleeping in trays I put in specifically for the job: not digging in the beds, now I'm going to have to start chasing them out which they won't understand. Oh well c'est la vie (no Welsh equivalent)
    "A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

    PS. I just don't have enough time to say hello to everyone as they join so please take this as a delighted to see you here!

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    That's a real sickener.
    “Gorillas are very intelligent, but they don't have to be as delicate as chimps -- they can just smash open the termite nest,”
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    Sorry to hear that March.
    Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better...Albert Einstein

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    Couldn't you have left it and convinced yourself that it was strategically placed ventilation?
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    What can I say.
    I have 2 cats and they are the bane of my life.
    My grandson had a cat that had a litter of 4 kittens and his mother insisted she could'nt keep the 4 kittens so, silly me offered to take 2 of them. That was 9 years ago.
    While they have given us a lot of joy they are a persecution to anyone who is trying to keep a garden and greenhouse.
    \they are into the greenhouse every chance they get. Lying in the flowerpots, and digging up every bit of newly turned soil.
    Cats and gardens just don't go together i'm afraid.

    And when your back stops aching,
    And your hands begin to harden.
    You will find yourself a partner,
    In the glory of the garden.

    Rudyard Kipling.

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    Feb 2012


    We have two cats too. If only cat poo was a good manure I'd be laughing.
    Would you get some netting and stretch it over the door to keep them out? Lidl or Aldi were selling pond netting recently that could do the job nicely. Would keep birds out too but let insects in.
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    Oops, what little darlings! Sorry M, after all the comforts you've given them too!
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    People think I'm crazy when I talk to my plants! What am I supposed to do? Just ignore them when they ask me a question?
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    cat gloves it is then

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