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    Default Plastic greenhouse from wilkinsons

    has any one else used either a plastic greenhouse,tomato greenhouse,or cloche greenhouse from willkinsons?
    i have purchased all three as i no longer have my glass greenhouse or polytunnel, i was wondering if anyone has any hints or tips with them as to if they get alot warmer than glass houses or how to attatch them to the floor to avoid them blowing away,
    they do look a decent size though i built them in the living room to see the size and i can actually stand in the tomato greenhouse, although i have not built the big greenhouse inside i had to resist the urge.


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    Hi I had a plastic one from wilkos and it got up to silly temps in the day if I forgot to open the zips. The cover only lasted a season too and I have bought a new cover for this year. But this one was from GCentre and feels much sturdier.
    The greenhouse doesn't get so hot as more air holes all about I guess.

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    I bought a walkin plastic greenhouse from wilkos about 4 years ago and it lasted 3days before a slight breeze put pay to it. I have 2of the 3 tier mini greenhouses I bought them last year they came a fleece cover as well as a plastic cover so they were great for hardening off my plants, but must be honest I took the covers off in the summer and was only growing on some red hot pokers, rosemary cuttings, thyme and sage for this year to plant out in the garden.
    This year I want to try and grow aubergines and chillis in them as the greenhouse always is full with my tomatoes (we love tomatoe based sauces).

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    The main things to consider are stopping the frames from popping apart in the wind - I put silicone or No More Nails in the plastic bits before pushing the tubes in, seemed to work last year. Of course, you won't be able to do it with the walk in greenhouse, unless you plan to leave it out all year.
    The other thing is anchoring them, which is much more difficult... If they are up against a wall, you can put in vine-eyes or similar fixings and tie the greenhouse to them, in any/every configuration you can think of. If it's going into the middle of the garden, on the lawn or soil, you could rig up guy ropes going over the top from front to back and side to side.
    Wherever you put them, I would urge you to spend plenty of time solving the problem because there is nothing so disappointing as seeing you greenhouse and precious plants & seedlings blown around the garden

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