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Thread: Had a bad year

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    Workslave is offline Seedling
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    Default Had a bad year

    Has anybody else had a bad year?
    I have seen plenty say they had a good year but mine has been awful
    didn't get enough water on the plot, wasn't able to feed enough and the weather didn't really play nice
    All in all Ive had a few dozen decent toms and the same from cukes
    my peppers were useless and the aubergines never even flowered, watermelons eaten by slugs, got one average size underripe pumpkin, which was tasty
    If this was survival Id be dead

    Just when I was thinking I was getting somewhere, nature reminded me shes in control, this is a reason Im still growing standard heirloom varieties, Im not competent enough with known good genetics nevermind new stuff

    this turned into a rant more than a question, sorry

    I live with autism spectrum disorder. Please be gentle. Sincerely Steve.

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    ameno is offline Rooter
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    Mar 2019


    I didn't have a great year for squash, as the first lot got massacred by slugs, and the replacements went in a bit late, so most didn't ripen properly in the end.
    My cherry crop was also non-existant this year. The tree is massive, and too much work for what it's worth. Thinking of pollarding it next year.
    Chinese cabbage, which I tried for the first time this year, were an utter failure, too. All bolted.

    Otherwise, it's been fairly good, though.
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    Bren In Pots's Avatar
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    Steve its been an odd year most of my crops were late, Spinach went to seed early on and so did most of the lettuce, we then had 3 inch of hail stone fall and that made the rest of the lettuce looked like I'd been over it with a mower. it wasn't a good day.
    My toms, and cucs were fine in the GH and I had a bumper crop of courgettes out in the garden so it wasn't all bad, plus theres always next year to look forward to so I hope you have better luck then.
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    Babru is offline Rooter
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    Apr 2018
    Edinburgh seaside


    A good reminder, nature is always in control! This was the year of the greenfly for me. Reappeared as fast as I could squash them, even though lots of ladybirds showed up after a bit.

    Next year it won't be greenfly, it'll be something else .

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    Apr 2018


    I am already planning and imagining all the things that I will improve on next year, if nature permits me to do so that is. This year has been a good year for the slugs and wildlife enjoying my unkempt little growing spot, not so much for me.
    My squash, courgettes, pumpkins etc totally failed. More than half of my tomatoes got blight very early on. Some things went well, but I wasn't able to keep on top of everything this year, but there is always next year
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    Small pumpkin's Avatar
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    Jun 2014
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    Youíre not alone Steve. Iíve not had a good year either. Like you my tomatoes, cucumber & squash have produced very little. The only difference is I canít blame Mother Nature. It was all my own doing. Lack of bed preparation & trying to save money by not buying compost. But I learnt a lot from the experience.
    It is very disheartening but donít give up. Iím a great believer in the very well know gardeners saying....... thereís always next year
    Also it doesnít matter that it wasnít a good harvest. If you enjoyed the whole process from choosing which seeds to grow, sowing them, watching them germinate, transplanting them , watching them grow. If you enjoyed all that and learnt something from it, then the harvest is just an added bonus.

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    muck lover is offline Tuber
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    Feb 2018


    I had mostly a good year. Disaster in a small cheap polytunnel though. I had beautiful tomato plants but the polythene disintegrated and showered the beds with little squares of plastic. I thought it was ok and would just give me a bit of ventilation but blight got in and my lovely tomatoes were ruined.
    Still I’ve learned my lesson and won’t be buying another little polytunnel like that. The cover didn’t last two years. I’m thinking what to do with the frame which seems strong. Maybe a fruit cage if I can get net over it all.
    Another year, another lesson learned I suppose.

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    greenishfing's Avatar
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    Jan 2012


    My growing year improved as it went along I think. I got no plums or cherries this year despite a bumper crop last year but apples and pears were very good. My perpetual strawberries did nothing early on but just as I was considering composting them they decided they would have a go. My garlic was great, particularly compared to last years and onions did very well. Tomatoes, peppers,aubergines and melons were about average but I had cucumbers coming out of my ears. My brassicas were awful though (2 attempts) and I ended up buying in small plants. I thought the sweetcorn were going to be a let down as they didn't grow as tall as usual but they were fine, just as many cobs as usual.
    Every year some things are good and others do nothing. Pests, diseases, the weather and my own incompetence always get in the way. I just try and grow as wide a variety of crops as possible so that something does well.

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