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Thread: Advice (and reassurance) please on late season sowing and growing.

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    Default Advice (and reassurance) please on late season sowing and growing.

    New house and first tunnel.
    Needed a complete refurb and as I am somewhat disabled, I am relying on a handyman for the job.
    It is taking so much longer than anticipated.
    Hoops are up with increased height, cross bars are in, still need to attach crop rails, make doors and recover tunnel.
    Won’t be ready for weeks at his rate.
    Please tell a newbie of a basic sowing plan from July onwards, that will crop later in the year?
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    In July you can sow direct lettuce,rocket,turnip,swede,radish kulata cerna,carrot purple haze & celebration runner beans,there might be other veg or varieties of the above,that’s what I’ve got written on my list for July,tunnel sound good
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    Big question is what do you like to eat? Next one would be are you planning to grow stuff through the winter?

    You'll be able to start things off in modules a bit earlier than July so that they can grow a bit and go straight in.

    Dwarf french beans can be started then. If you have crop rails are you going to have baskets and those pulley thing to raise and lower them? If so you could plant the baskets up and let them sit outside for a little while - If you sowed in pots/modules now then by the time the stuff is ready to go into the baskets the risk of frost will be negligible.

    Of course from august there is all the overwintering veg to be sowing - perfect timing if you want your polytunnel to be producing through winter and early spring. You'll be able to sow spinach, lettuce, radichio, mustards, kales, carrots, and a host of other stuff
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    I'd be getting stuff sown now as a lot of things can be grown on in containers for a few weeks then put out as and when the PT space becomes available.

    As has been said already, concentrate on growing the things you like.
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    Beetroot, cabbage, cauliflowers...all things I sow in July
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