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    mrs baggins is offline Sprouter
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    Mar 2008

    Default advice needed on how to erect polytunnel

    Now I suppose I could ask the people in the alottment but dont want to appear completley stupid just yet!

    The tubular steel framework is in place although probably not very sturdily. At present we have 4 pieces of 2x2 " at each corner and have cable tied frame to that. To put posts in we dug a hole and earthed up all soil back round it. Should these be concreted in maybe for stability sake?

    I bought the plastic covering thingy home with me as there were a few places in it that had come unstitched as it had been flapping about for a few months so have stitched and taped it as best as i can.

    When we put the plastic over the frame (like a tent) I am going to try and cable tie (again) the plastic to the frame but not sure about what to do with the bottom bits.

    I was just going to use some tent pegs but my dad said it will just end up like a kite. There is enough space i think to wrap a piece of wood around the bottom bit and i could staple the plastic onto that but then dont know how to anchor the wood to the ground. You can see I am new to this cant you!!!

    any suggestions (useful or otherwise!0 would help. we are hoping to do it this weekend but heavy rain is foerecast so maybe not!

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    Feb 2008
    West Somerset


    Presumably this is a second hand tunnel? How big is it? I have been researching into getting a new one, and it seems imperative that the tubes are either set in concrete or you use ground anchors to stop it all blowing away!

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    jacob marley's Avatar
    jacob marley is offline Early Fruiter
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    north warwickshire


    You dig a trench along the ground were the lining comes down and bury it it is as simple as that but when i put mine up i think i got some tape of some sort special i think it was called hot spot tape this go's on the ally tubing for the lining to rest it is cushioned as well .
    Do the sides first then the ends and dig trench along end that do's not have door hope this helps jacob

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    mrs baggins is offline Sprouter
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    Mar 2008

    Default polytunnel

    yes its second hand- or maybe fourth!! Its about 6 foot wide and maybe 8-9 feet lon. or thereabouts anyway.

    Have seen that hot spot tape mentioned but had no idea what it was, will google it i think!

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    nick the grief's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    Sunny Nunny, Warwickshire


    If you don't use hot spot tape it will reduce the life of you cover no end so it's well sorth it as it stops the the plastic breaking down where it comes into contact with the steel frame - the frame will get quite hot in the summer as it absorbs the heat of the sun ... if we have any sun that is
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