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    Aug 2006
    Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (Is there a nice bit?)


    I have growing in greenhouse at present:-Rebore kale in tomato pots, likewise PSB, Spring cabbage,Tall curled Kale, Toscana de nero kale, two trays of wheat or barley (not sure which) large potted Chrysanthemums which are now producing cuttings, potted carnation, potted shallot, stored onions, chitting potatoes,(3 lots), overwintering grape vines X 2, overwintering Cape Goosebery and Jalapeno Chillies,stored onions,stored shallots,gladioli corms,Kelsae onion plants,Golden bear onion plants, red torpedo onion plants,leek plants, seed leeks in large pots.
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    Apr 2008


    In my unheated and (soon to be addressed!) drafty greehouse, I have some spring cabbages in buckets and some knobbly bright green objects that are growing tiny curly sprouts - like piggy tails!. My OH was given them by a Madeiran friend, who said they were called "pipinellas". I'd post a photo but the OH has planted them in pots. Anyone ever heard of them?
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    Nov 2005
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    I have growing in greenhouse and tunnels at present:-

    Spring cabbage,
    large potted Chrysanthemums which are now producing cuttings
    potted shallot
    stored onions and garlic
    overwintering grape vines X 3 (permanent planting)
    overwintering Cape Goosebery
    leek seedlings
    Several varieties of onion seedlings
    Hative de Niort shallots
    other shallots
    modules of spring onion
    modules of sweet pea
    modules of chive


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    emilymup is offline Sprouter
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    Nov 2008
    Northants - Rose of the Shires


    I have got in my greenhouse, loads of geraniums, lettuce sowed today, leeks which are newly germinated and some succulents!

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    kentvegplot is offline Tuber
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    Jul 2007
    Chainhurst, Kent


    Tunnel and greenhouse contain :-

    Olive tree (keeping it out of the worst of the weather)
    Lots of winter salads
    Overwintering beetroot (for the leaves)
    Spring onions
    Some 'spare' tulips in the soil
    Various perennials grown from seed last year in the soil - I thought they'd be better than in small pots over winter
    Collection of plastic bottles for keeping slugs off
    Various pots of bulbs/lilies

    But that's cheating really....what have I done for this season? Only a few broadies and some root cuttings of primula denticulata
    Growing in the Garden of England

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    May 2008
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    Blog Entries


    Any chance of people going back and modifying their posts, saying if your greenhouse is heated or not and to what degree ()
    Because I see things being grown here and I think, blimey, my unheated greenhouse has been down to -7 over the last few weeks.
    "Orinoco was a fat lazy Womble"

    Please ignore everything I say, I make it up as I go along, not only do I generally not believe what I write, I never remember it either.

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    spudstacker is offline Seedling
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    Jan 2009


    cabbage, grapevine, carrots, muli, swede, broad beans, peas, lettuce, chard, beetroot, leeks, potaoes in bags, parsnips (to win the longest in the village show in september) peach cuttings, strawberrys. I have avery full and productive unheated greenhouse.

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    tricky is offline Rooter
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    Mar 2008


    nothing because i cant afford to heat it this year
    but i have brought some trays of onions in and leeks
    dont want them being killed off this weekend , these just germinated
    i have got tomatoes indoors though and 1 chilli plant
    wont be long before eerything warms up cant wait
    Take photographs today because tommorow you might not have

    Together everyone achieves more

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