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Thread: 2018 second year in the greenhouse

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    burnie is online now Veggie gardener
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    Default 2018 second year in the greenhouse

    To follow on from last years new house thread, sharing the trials and tribulations of this years growing.
    Similar crops planned, just crop rotation, so the tomatoes will jump across and be replaced by a new crop, Butternut squash, with the Sweetcorn across the width at the opposite end to the door. Plenty of ventilation plus me doing my shaking the plants should give me the pollination for the cobs.
    Just been and planted my first crops into the border, sowed some Cos and Mixed leaf lettuce direct into the border along with Scarlet Globe and French Breakfast for early salads.
    There will be containers too with strawberries same as last year, but all the tomatoes will be in the ground, none in the hanging baskets this year, primarily to make watering easier when away from the house, the baskets needed watering twice a day at times last year.
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    chris_m is online now Sprouter
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    South Cumbria


    I've just completed converting the structure at the bottom of my garden from a "glass shed" back to a greenhouse.

    I've fitted a new automatic vent opener to the south-facing vent (to save me propping the vent up with a roll of plastic fencing, like I did last year), just need to adjust the opener when temperatures are suitably conducive for that - it was close today but I could do with it being hotter to check that it opens fully. I might even manage to tweak the pre-existing opener on the north-facing vent too.

    Had a fiddle with the (jammed) louvre vent at the bottom of the back wall. A liberal dose of WD40, followed by some proper oil and it works, yaaaay.

    Flushed with that success I then laid out the trays that will hold growbags and altered the irrigation hoses, extending some and inserting extra drippers in others.

    All that is left to do is to evict the tubs of spuds when it gets consistently warm enough outside.

    Coincidentally, I'm also planning on doing sweetcorn at the back in mine - possibly even a Three Sisters of beans and squash to go with the corn. Down the sides (on a low staging one side and the workbench the other, I intend to try tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines and melons with a few marigolds to try and confuse, if not deter, any pests that might show an interest. All the latter were sown on Saturday and the marigolds and first cucumbers are up already.
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    All the best from rural South Cumbria

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