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Thread: Easiest way to dismantle pallets?

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    Default Easiest way to dismantle pallets?

    Ok, I now have pallets, but I'd forgotten quite what a pain they are to pull apart. A crowbar does an ok job, but splits some of the wood. Are they any easier ways?
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    Having just dismantled 4, I found the consistently easisest way that broke least wood was to hammer the crossboards as follows:
    Middle spar: on either side.
    outer spars: on the side nearest the centre spar.

    Doing it this way forces the nails to release and minimises wood breakage: you should move from along the board you are hammering and hammer at each spar as above every 2-3 hits... or the baord may break. If all else fails, a large screwdriver hammered under the nails helps...

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    Large heavy hammer. Use where the pallets are joined together. Work along the length of the timbers. If you try to force one section it will split. They are usually fixed with huge staples - if they are nailed you could use a claw hammer to remove individual nails. Good Luck

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    Or for a really easy way, arm yourself with a lump hammer and a flat pry bar (not a round crowbar). Use the hammer to knock the short bit of the prybar between the end of the slat and the block behind. The slat should come away without much ado. The slat can then be just levered off. No mess, no hastle.

    The feet and blocks can be seperated in the same way. I use the blocks in my multi fuel stove.

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    i Found using a bolster chisel it cuts trough the nails and the boards dont seem to split we have removed boards from 12ft pallets on our allotments for shed making etc and using a bolster was the best way

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    Why Not Use Fire !
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    There is a tool called a nail extractor made by Baco or Braco?(I think) use't to use one where I worked a few years ago!
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    the method i use when i have a few tobreak up is stand the pallet on its side if possible then measure the gap between top and bottom and make a wedge about two inches wider than the gap then drive it in and evry thing comes apart if you are lucky it helps if you have a circular saw for cutting wedge it does workit helps if you use two or three wedges

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