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Thread: Black buckets

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    Default Black buckets

    I went in B & Q to get some 1 builders buckets to sit my morrison flower buckets in for watering from the bottom. Once I got to the till I discovered they were 3 for 2, so I managed to get 12 for the grand total of 8. At that price I may just drill holes in the bottoms and use them as tom pots in future!

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    I wouldn't use the builders buckets for watering flower buckets - it could be too easy to leave the flower buckets sitting in too much water. I just use large plastic saucers under mine. However, they would probably make really good pots for things like courgettes.

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    One thing I do is to use the shallower flower buckets for depth-appropriate stuff (FREE from co-op - Queen tight-wad me!) and place these inside the longer bucket - these rest a couple of inches above the lower level allowing free drainage. The remaining water could always be reused by pouring back over in very dry periods.

    Alternatively use 2 standard flower buckets in the same way with some kind of 'uplift' any broken crocks, bricks, stones, pieces of wood etc would be ok. That way no flow-away or waste of water/feeds and no mess on the patio etc.

    NEVER spend your hard-earned if a bit of scrounging will do the trick. Helps those who give-away by reducing business waste charged for at higher prices and donates without charge to us willing to recycle until broken - perfect win-win situation.

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    I've been buying the poundshop's enamel camping plates for use as plant-pot saucers ... don't bother with the plastic ones though, they shatter after a few weeks in sunlight
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    I have a load of old ghee tubs from my local indian and some oil buckets from the chinese. Also an old chicken manure pellets bucket.
    I used the jigsaw to cut them off at approx 6 inches high. I then stand my asda flower buckets in these. I drilled holes into the bottom of my flower buckets.

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