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Thread: Newspaper Pots

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    Super thread thankyou.
    I've got a little wooden die that is used to make pots just like the loo-roll ones. the only difference is it has a shapes saucer that you press it into when you've folded the bottom in . Force the two together & it sort of seals the bottom. bought it 20 yrs ago. jolly usefull little gadget.

    Never had a problem with pots disintegrating too early if they are packed together for mutual support, not have I had a problem of need ing to break the bottom to help the roots come out. Generally, the act of planting is enough to weaken the base.

    I'm a bit concerned about the printed papaer warnings. 2 reasons.
    firstly I've just made up a large no of pots today from a glossy holiday mag that dropped through the door. ( It was all I could find ) will it kill any seeds or maybe just fragile ones. I'm re-sowing all my climbing beans cos someone came & ate ALL of mine during the rains last w/E.

    Secondly for several years now I've been composting all paper & card except what I use for fire lighting. we have several 'drive in' compost heaps that get kitchen waste, mowings,hedge trimmings, old clothes, in fact anything biodegradeable. will the printed paper make the compost harmful? Haven't noticed a problem yet, but .......

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    Had a look at Newspaper Seed Starter Pots
    it looks comprehensive thanks.
    However I don't have a degree in origami so I might just try my old mechanism. Fold the sheet a few times and wrap around a can and staple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClayGarden View Post
    it wouldn't work now becuase the ink has to meet safety standards, but newspaper is still damn good for helping break up the soil (encouraging wormage ).
    now the slugs would just curl up and die of boredom from reading our newspapers

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    Newspaper Seed Starter Pots

    Have just printed this off at work. My boss is now convinced I'm mad and has said I need a man!! He just doesn't understand the economics and fun of making/growing your own. Will see how many I can make tonight

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    I brought a paper potter a couple of years ago and have not looked back start everything I can in them and because I can then just put them straight in the ground no thinning out or transplanting.

    Only problem I have, is a pain in the head when making them, found out it was the better half hitting me over the head for leaving black finger marks everywhere Doh!
    HAPPY 'Growing My Own'

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    I've made quite a few origami pots now, they seem to be working fine for my onion seeds I sowed last week, although that was only 8 days ago ! Will see how they progress! Got loo rolls too for other plants!

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    i found the instructions a bit hard to follow, fortunately theres a video if it which is clearer here:

    How To Fold Newspaper Pots For Seedling Using Origami (Creative & Culture: Origami)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy View Post
    However I don't have a degree in origami so I might just try my old mechanism. Fold the sheet a few times and wrap around a can and staple.
    This is what I done in the end, Origami is beyond me. I used coloured paperclips to hold them so then had a colour coded system to know what was planted in what pot without having to write out loads of lables.

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