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Thread: The Tomato Seed Circle 2017

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    Default The Tomato Seed Circle 2017

    C'mon you know you want to join there's nothing better than a parcel through the door around Christmas time full of seeds there's no better present. Everyone welcome.

    Save 2 varieties of tomatoes (no F1's) with 6-8 seeds per pack. Last year we had to save 12 packs of each variety.

    No pressure, register your interest - and the tomatoes you fancy saving if you know what you are going to grow

    #things don't often go to plan while growing so you can change your mind on what varieties you are saving. Remember there's loads of seeds in a cherry Tom, so you only have to save one or two but you do have to label them!

    Tips here for seed saving :

    seeds received in bold - will update with varieties when I've got off the settee

    1. Jack - Ruby tomato, Pink Bulgarian
    2. VC - Halina, Vince
    4. Norfolk Grey - gazzi yellow egg and white zebra. Should be enough of white queen and moonglow - RECEIVED - No Returns wanted.
    6. Thelma - Peace Vine Cherry and Jaune Flamme,
    7. Sea Sprout -Carotina. (Orange Beefstake) King Humbert... (smallish plum type)
    8. Ms T - Orange Banana

    9. JJ -taiko & radana
    10. Deano - Artisan pink
    11. Trip - White cherry, goldkrone
    12. Scarlet - hahms Gelbe Topftomate.
    13. Mark P - Japanese Black Trifele, Green Grapes and Ananas Noire - RECEIVED
    Last edited by Scarlet; 10-12-2017 at 10:18 AM.

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    Im in as long as theres no suprises this year
    will put my list up later.

    Dancing with Smurfs to start with.
    Caspian Pink
    Red Buffalo Horn
    Gardeners Delight
    Black Russian (3 seeds left)
    Purple Ukraine
    Bloody Butcher
    Fox Cherry
    Tumblin Tom Red
    Garden Pearl( seeds are 7 years old now so all will go in)

    "Ruby" tomato ( real seeds
    Pink Bulgarian ( real)
    Rose de Berne ( real)
    Amish Paste ( real, knew thered be a few i forgot).
    Oh and Paul Robeson,(one seed left)
    Oh and also trying Alaskan Fancy, supposed to be early so trying up the lottie with my f1s
    Thats all the opens ( up untill now that is )

    Thanks Scarlet, been dipping my toes back in for a while now
    Last edited by jackarmy; 31-12-2016 at 11:17 AM.
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    Good to see you back Jack we have missed you.
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    I'm in too
    Not a clue what tomatoes I'm growing yet but there will be several that are Black Icicle shape.
    Thanks Scarlet for running this again
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    I haven't got a clue yet either.....
    Last edited by Scarlet; 31-12-2016 at 08:59 AM.

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    OK I'm in but have not decided what to grow yet apart from Rapunzel which I think is an F1. This year I shall be growing from F3 generation crimson crush seeds, and as far as I can see the line I'm saving and growing is giving me tomatoes very much like the original. I will be saving Rapunzel seeds as well.

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    it's that village you drive through


    Just to be awkward I will do a one way ticket (send them in but noting in return) I am being good for 2017

    Possible toms Giallo D'Inverno, Banana Legs, Moonglow.

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    I will be growing Latah and Amish paste and possibly some others as well, depending on who I swop plants with!
    Another happy Nutter...

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