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    joannelc is offline Germinator
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    Oct 2005

    Default How much space do chickens really need?

    I would really like to get some chickens but I am worried about the amount of space they need. I've read the articles in GYO and seen other people's comments that state that they only need a 'small' garden but what is a 'small' garden? If I just wanted a couple of chickens (and I do, I need to start small!) how much space do I realistically need to have to be fair to them?

    I have seen the eglu gadget thing but there are never any dimensions on it and what concerns me more is how frequently do I need to move it around and what kind of surface should I stand it on? Grass? bare earth? gravelly ground? Also if I went for a more traditional type of hen house with a fixed location how much space would that need? Oh worries worries!

    Oh yes, and possibly more important I have four cats, will they eat the chickens or will the chickens stand up for themselves (I don't intend to leave the chickens running entirely free without a wire enclosure, but still)

    Hope you can help

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    Cardiff South Wales


    My friend keeps two chickens but also has two cats. The cats walk in fear of the chickens!
    The Chickens are also rather fond of cat food, so the kitchen door always has to be watched in summer or the chickens are in like a shot and the cats go hungrey.

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    NovicePlotter is offline Germinator
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    Sep 2005

    Default Keeping Chickens

    Since reading GYO I have thought about getting a couple of chickens myself. I did have a look at the website for the Eglu and thought it was quite expensive at over 300. I'll keep looking round for a cheaper alternative but having 2 beagles they may consider any newcomers to the garden to be their quarry!


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    Sep 2005


    I think the cat prob depends on the cat, do your cats think they are great hunting cats or are they not fussed about feathery meals on wheels? My Nan's cat would be only to happy to relieve someone of chickens, she took on a dog fox the other yr and won but some cats I know couldnt give a monkeys and others would run from a chicken

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    South Lincs


    My cats avoid my chickens at all costs, the only thing you may need to consider protecting is chicks, which the cats will kill if they catch them.

    A couple of chickens are quite happy in a small shed - easy to get from a DIY shop

    have a look here

    for some good pointers

    With the Garden, Poultry, Horses, Ragdolls and a Bracco Italiano, no wonder I'm always grumpy

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    poultrychat is offline Rooter
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    Nov 2005
    East Anglia


    Hi joannelc,

    The space needed for chickens also depends on what sort of chickens you would like to get as they come in 2 different sizes bantum and large fowl. They can be kept on lots of different surfaces but the best one is grass as that adds to a varied diet for them. If they were in a permanent run then wood chip is probably best (not bark chip as that can go mouldy).

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    Lottie is offline Seedling
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    Dec 2005

    Default Eglu

    I have 3 chickens in an Eglu. I can not recommend it highly enough. They do have the measurements on their site of the Eglu and attached run. If you have the recommended chickens for the Eglu and run, you can keep them on bark so can have them in a small garden.

    One lady has a tiny city garden in Newcastle. Why not visit their website, apply to be a guest forum visitor and ask all your questions which will be answered - if you can't find the answers there already. Also email barbara the chicken expert - which I did, before I had to confidence to go ahead.

    You can read about mine on my blog

    You need to go back to the beginning of November to see when I first got them.

    They are great pets.
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