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    Default RED RUM runner beans - claims of self-pollinating & earlier harvests???

    I am curious to hear from readers of their experiences with the runner bean RED RUM in relation to the two points below...

    RED RUM - a self-pollinating variety...
    I have heard claims, from two different sources, that this variety is self-pollinating. If this is true then earlier harvests would be expected from this variety, compared to the other ones, as pollinating insects (which are not abundant in late spring/early summer) would not be required for pod setting (as is the case for example with the self-pollinating french beans). If this is true then Red Rum should set pods inside a greenhouse or by a window indoors with sufficient light (i.e. in the absence of pollinators). Has anyone found this to be the case?

    RED RUM - harvestable pods in 40 days from sowing...
    ... and so claims the blurb in the T&M seed catalogue! Personally I don't believe it. Last year I ran a trial of Red Rum alongside Painted Lady (sown & grown under identical conditions in a split-pot trial). The first harvest from Red Rum occured at the same time as that from Painted Lady (around 90 days from sowing). Has anyone any evidence for a 40 day harvest as claimed by T&M?
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    Hmm! I was thinking about growing Red Rum next year, hence I read this old post.

    As far as I understand it, all Runner beans are self-pollinating (maybe self-fertile would be a better description). This means that they do not require another variety of runner bean to pollinate them, any variety (including themselves) will do. But they still require bees so a bee-less environment will result in flowers maybe but not any runner beans. Similar principal to a self-fertile apple tree.

    As for the pods in 40 days, what would T&M know about that. As far I know Red Rum is a Tozer developed variety. Certainly if you click on Red Rum on their page here:
    Runner Bean | Tozer Seeds
    The care guide indicates a normal 90 day period to maturity.

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    Red Rum was the result of a cross between runner beans and French beans. French beans are indeed self pollinating/fertilising within the flower, often before it even opens - so no insects required. Red Rum does set more reliably than other 'ordinary' runners but I preferred the taste of Moonlight, the white runner X French bean

    Ordinary runner beans usually rely on insects to trip the flowers to release pollen or to bring pollen from another flower for pollination/fertilization to take place.

    I didn't find the new beans any earlier, but outside they depend on the weather!

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    I used to grow Red Rum but changed this year to Firestorm the red version of Moonlight.

    Harvest was plentiful and the taste good will be growing them again next year.

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