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    Default Overwintering Aubergines/cucumber

    I have been wondering for ages but now have to ask..... can you overwinter aubergines like you can chillies? I have got three plants that I should have given up on ages ago but now they are great big healthy plants producing flowers that aren't going to set or grow into fruit before it gets too cold. (3C minimum this week and pretty rubbish max's, too.)

    I've also got a cucumber plant that deffinitly hasn't exhausted itself yet as well!

    When I worked in Czechoslovakia, the farmers seemed to overwinter all sorts of theings by lying them on the ground and covering them with tonnes of insulating material. Obviously, the winters are drier (and colder) than ours but in the tunnel I can control a lot of the moisture and if things aren't wet the slugs might (!) stay away, too.

    Quite happy to be told it's a daft idea! Just would like people's thoughts. Thanks people.
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    Hello, I am no expert but it sounds like your wanting to keep these plants ticking over winter like you would peranials (sorry about the spelling) then revive them late spring/early winter.

    These plants are grown as annuals, the seed is so cheep to purchase so it doesnt really make sense with the effort of keeping them going for next year.

    If the plants still have fruit growing and you want these to fully develop, then I would top dress and bring them indoors to replicate the summer months. However you maybe better off harvesting the small fruit and using as is or, any unripe fruit on a windowsill to ripen.

    I personally wouldn't bother overwintering these kinds of plants.

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    But dont people get better crops off chillis the second year? these are only usually grown as annuals too but CAN successfully be overwintered...

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    They are perennials, so why not give it a go - with any luck you'll be starting next year with much bigger plants than most of us

    That's why I bring a few of my sweet peppers indoors each year.

    If I remember rightly the girls on the Mas du Diable blog kept theirs alive in the p/t over winter and it gets cold there as well. Just found the link - and I was right
    Pepper, Doux D’Espagne Mas du Diable

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