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    Default Kohlrabi harvesting


    The end of last year as a project I planted about 15 kohlrabi in a unheated greenhouse.
    They all grew to about 2 inches tall before the weather started to hit the minuses and did very little until recently.
    About 3 weeks ago I transplanted them into larger pots and they started growing like crazy due to the fresh compost and nice weather.

    Out of the original 15 or so I have 4 largish plants (1 inch bulbs) and 5 small, 1 bolted and slugs got the rest.
    The large ones have started to bulk up, which is why I'm posting this.

    Do I trim (aka eat) the stems at the lower end of the bulb to encourage it to bulk or just let it be?
    Also what's the ideal size of the bulb for eating? I bought one at a supermarket which was about 3 inches in diameter and it wasn't anything to write home about.

    O the variety is Quickstar.



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    I just let them be. I find they are best at around tennis ball size as they are still tender. As they get bigger the base of the bulbs get woody and aren't very palatable. I agree about the taste, they have a mild cabbage flavour. I use them in a casserole.

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    Great to use as part of coleslaw too. Give them a try. They are easy to grow

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