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Thread: Flowers! Just, all the flowers!

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    vivienz is offline Germinator
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    Mar 2017


    Sunflowers are always fun and you can get a great range of seeds for very little. They will fill the beds up in no time.

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    Craigaroo is offline Germinator
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    Haha! Some good points there! I suppose courgettes, strawberries, potatoes etc all contain flowers.

    I'm just looking for something pretty! Something that draws the eye, and perhaps attracts the bees.

    It does seem a bit of an odd condition, but since its my first year, I'm probably better not rocking the boat. The plot is big enough that giving up some beds for flowers won't make too much of an impact.

    I popped over after work to do a little clearing up and got talking to a few folk. Apparently the whole flower thing does stem (no pun intended) from someone selling fruit and veg for profit, but was alson an idea by the committee to make the entrance beds to each individual plot attractive to anyone that may be passing. There's also a prize every year for the most attractive flower beds. It seems that people split them in to 4x4 squares.

    To be honest this year I'll just be happy to get some colour about the place.

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    You get one guess :)


    sweet peas (make sure you pick the flowers frequently to keep them going) a couple of wig wams will give you lots and also add some height.

    Then some annual or wildlife scatter mix seed they can usually be picked up cheaply.

    If there are any children (I use that term very loosely in this instance) to entertain convolvulus so you can 'pop granny out of bed' and snap dragons 'so they can snap them at each other'.
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    Perhaps in the rotation of crops it saves leaving fallow and beautifies, however to add to amazing and funny suggestions. (The Edible Flower Garden: From Garden to Kitchen: Choosing, Growing and Cooking Edible Flowers Paperback – 31 Jan 2014) Amazon for a couple of pound. Or do a search for edible flowers? Some tasty flowers out there!!!
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    Jun 2015


    If you're wanting something quick and easy for this year (or to fill the beds while you research / experiment) get a wildlife seed mix. They look pretty, attract wildlife, look after themselves and are cheap to pick up.

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    It's a bit of a dilemma as you don't want them to self seed all over the place so may be best sourcing flowers for cutting. I'm sure a lady in the family would appreciate them.
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