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    May 2009

    Default When to pick bay leaves?


    I know this is an odd question and I guess the obvious answer is 'anytime' but I had one gardening source mention that the leaves are best before the tree flowers. I have 4 bay trees, 2 in bloom and the other two on the way. Also, can I use the leaves fresh or is dry better?

    Cin 8)

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    windy east coast, sandy soil


    Fresh, as you want them.

    Flower? Mine's never flowered.
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    Jan 2007
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    Piuck them any time, including right through the winter, fresh is always better tho if I have to prune mine, I always dry the leaves also.
    TonyF, Dordogne 24220

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    East Yorkshire


    Mine is flowering now. Tiny little cream fluffy things. Rather nice. Doesn't stop me using the leaves though.
    Whoever plants a garden believes in the future. Updated March 9th - Spring

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