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Thread: Which Cat Scarer to buy.....

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    Oct 2008

    Default Which Cat Scarer to buy.....

    I'm fed up to the back teeth with Cats using my veg plot as a toilet, Tried all the usual cat repellents from the garden centres, old CD's plastic bottles, water pistols even resorted to throwing soil at them but to no aveil. Has anybody out there used the sonic cat scarers? If so which is the one the has the best results the battery operated ones or mains. (big difference in price)

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    Twiggy prunings are effective, and free
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    Jan 2008
    Suffolk/Norfolk Border


    The only ones I've seen that work are the ones that fit onto your hose and squirt water when the sensor is triggered.
    The sonic ones seem ok but I can hear them (and I believe children can too!) and they drive me mad!

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    Feb 2009
    North Devon


    I think your best bet is to cover up, just like you would for pidgeons, or other " garden pests ", i have three cats (who poo on my beds), but they dont if mesh is down.

    As far as scaring cats off!!!!! my cat arn't scared of dogs, humans waving things or loud noises, as i also have three young kids, and a springer spaniel, so prevention is better than cure for me.
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    Colchester, Essex


    My OH and I moved into a new house just over a year ago and I have seen at least 12 different cats regularly using my garden as a loo. We even had problems with them coming in the house, through an open window, when we first moved in.

    I haven't tried the sonic devices but have tried some of the gel products but with no joy.

    I do keep a large water pistol by the back door but in general the cats are too quick for me!

    I spent quite some time prepping some new beds last weekend and covered them all with chicken wire and trellis but the little so-and-so's are just pooing straight through the holes! I think I'm going to have to get some finer mesh.

    I really hope you can find a solution that works for you chrispy... and let me know what it is!

    I've ordered some 'Coleus Canina' (scardy cat) plants so hoping they might help... I'll let you know if they do!
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    This is supposed to be a discussion about which sonic scarers work the best, battery operated, or mains. Please restrict your comments to that discussion.
    There have been plenty of threads about other ways to deal with cats elsewhere on the Vine, and it is always an emotive subject.

    Damaging the cat is ILLEGAL and any posts suggesting that will be removed.

    Equally, if you have a problem with somebody's posts, please click on the Red Triangle in the top right of the post - Mods cannot read every single thing posted on the Vine

    EDIT : The REPORT button has been moved since above post was made,it is now on the bottom row of the post,it is now a BLACK triangle but turns RED when your cursor is on it.
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    Feb 2008
    Yorkshire Dales


    I have one of these

    Scarecrow Cat | Scarecrow Water | Scarecrow Sprinkler

    Works a treat. Tho I get a regular soaking when I go to pick my veg. Can never remember to turn it off

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    apaj4 is offline Germinator
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    Apr 2009


    See thread 'How to stop the cat pooing on the veg?' for other recommendations on how to rid cats (and their poo) from your patch. I posted a recommendation for a sonic cat repellent (bought from Ebay - 15) there. Worked a treat.

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