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Thread: Signal Crayfish

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    Default Signal Crayfish

    Maybe a bit off topic but I'm at my wits end!

    I'm looking to trap signal crayfish from the Thames in my area (berkshire)to eat...Have a rod licence and I've tried to research online about the regulations...

    Looked on DEFRA and EA websites but have come away with just a headache and crossed eyes..

    Can anyone help and explain what exactly I need to do?



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    hi there i was a fisherman many years ago , DEFRA controls the fisheries for the uk and does general rules for commercial operations , but there will also be a local sea fisheries department that also have rules of there own out to the 6 mile limit ( thats taken as from the beach to 6 miles out at sea) and if your talking the thames then you may come under the rules of the thames harbour master and they will be diffrent again.
    i would make sure that they are not an indangered spieces and i think signal crayfish are american so are classed as a pest so get conservation groups on your side if this is correct , and keep records of catches as this can be used by conservationists and you as to rights to fish in future years for the spieces , because if you catch lots and decide to make money with them people will jump on the band wagon and officals and rules will quickly follow , followed by licences!
    the only problems i can see for you is local fisheries bylaw and thames harbour master.
    local fisheries - find out minimum mesh size to use in traps and any bylaw to do with freshwater crayfish in the area ( and explain what area ) AND IF THEY GIVE YOU THE GO AHEAD GET IT IN WRITING ! AS THE RULES ARE SO COMPILCATED NO TO OFFICER WILL GIVE THE SAME ANSWER.

    harbour master - he may have a no commercial fishing rule in his harbour , so one find out where his harbour limits are and if you are out side of them your fine and if not have a quiet word with him. BE WARNED IF HE IS A QUEENS HARBOUR MASTER HE'S NOT JUST A MAN IN A SUIT HE WAS PUT THERE BY THE QUEEN AND HAS POWERS!

    conservation groups - a pain in the neck to most people but usefull to others get them on side and your half way there as they may help you with difficult officials .

    there is a book by fishing news books about the freshwater crayfish about its lifecycle and catching it i only sold my copy last year on e-bay !

    one last word - go see the baliff on the stretch of water you intend to fish and ask his oppion as it might be a problem there so getting him on side, and meet with the local angling club because if they lose tackel on your pots you will not be flavour of the month . AND PEOPLE COMPLANING WILL STOP YOU FISHING
    ---) CARL (----

    a seed planted today makes a meal tomorrow!

    now in blog form ! UPDATED 15/4/09

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