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    Default Armillatox: Is it OK?

    Now, at risk of sounding a bit ga-ga, I have a couple of questions to ask about Armillatox.

    This (Armillatox) to me, is like a sort of kinder, gentler cousin of Jeye's Fluid and if it's what I think it is it also smells really nice, which is really the main reason why I want some.

    I first heard about this about 18 or so years ago when I was as Harrogate Spring Flower Show with my dad. Dad is actually dead now, but if he wasn't (dead) he'd surely remember how the former Garden News columnist, Bernard Ostler (now, sadly, also dead) went on about it at length (ie in every advice Forum all day Saturday, and also, very probably on Friday and Sunday, too. I didn't have a problem about that (I only went on Friday), but was intrigued by the wonderful, glowing appraisal that Bernard gave the product as he was usually a wee bit grumpy (a bit like I imagine me being at his age because I'm nearly as grumpy now despite being that much younger than he was then).

    Soooooo, where were we? Ah yes, Amillatox! I keep intending to ask someone about it, and have been to three consecutive gardening shows (ie Southport and Harrogate twice) without enquiring after it having, I think, got a bit starstruck at the Garden Answers talk forum when I merely garbled a bit of gobbledygook when I eventually got the chance to speak. So no nearer with this one yet...

    The main two questions, then, are follows:

    1 Does Armillatox have a really nice 'clean' smell to it? I think I've smelled some if it does as there's a garden on my way to work where Armillatox is used (I think) and I could quite happily just stand there (outside the garden) for an hour or so if I wasn't for the worry of being questioned by the police (or accosted by that weird hippy lad up the road who thinks the Moon is artificial and that Susannah Reid on Breakfast Time on BBC1 sends out of coded messages to its controllers according to the colour of clothes she wears and the secret expressions on her face. Oh, and the way she touches her hair and sometimes sits on both her hands. I think he mentioned those two, too, but I might have simply dreamed them both up myself)...So, does Armillatox smell nice (a but like very clean cotton), and:

    2 Is it as environmentally friendly, even if not organic, as the manufacturers claim on their website? Its makers talk it up to such a degree as to make you feel you could even give it to a baby in its bottle, but while that's probably so (although lets none of us actually try this for ourselves at home) the issue for me is whether it's going to do any lasting damage or leave all manner of nasty trace elements in its wake...

    Any insight or information on this would be very gratefully received, and I'll send off for some tonight if it's what I think it is, thus sorting out all my after-shave problems out for the next five years whilst simultaneously seeing off all kinds of nasties in the garden...
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