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    dawndaisy is offline Seedling
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    Default When to prune fuschia shrub?

    Hope someone can help me,
    Wondering if anyone can tell me when I should prune my inherited shrub fuschia. Its in a shady border, grows to about 1m, has small deep pink, purple flowers. Im not sure of the type as it was in the border when we moved in. Some years it flowers really well, bur this year its been hit hard by the bad weather. Ive pruned it at different times each year, but can never remember when I did it the next summer if its flowered well. Is there a specific time and method to prune?

    Many thanks

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    I usually do mine in Spring when you can see signs of new growth. Most of them will take a severe pruning really well and if you feed and water well you should get plenty of fresh new growth. Leave the foliage on through the winter - this will protect the stems and roots from severe weather.

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    I totally agree with rustylady, I always leave my hardy fuschias (Lady Thumb and Tom Thumb) well alone until I start to see signs of new growth at the base, and then I chop them right down to the ground, leaving the new shoots to grow away.
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    dawndaisy is offline Seedling
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    Mar 2010
    Derby UK

    Default pruning fuschias.

    Thank you both. Its reasuring that you agree with each other. I pruned heavily in April, and hope Ill see some new growth soon. It looked like some bits had died but hopefully it will spring back. Some years Ive cut it back in Autumn.

    I took a cutting last year which is now growing well. Do I treat this in the same way? Its in a 5''pot, looking far healthier than its parent, but is only a few inches high at the moment. I'll pot it on in a few weeks.

    Thanks again

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    I always wait until I see new growth at the bottom then cut right down the last years growth. Your cutting will be cut back next spring.
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