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    Default Shasta or OxEye Daisy (Dog Daisy)

    HI Folks

    My Wife is after me growing some Dog Daisy's the ones i have found nearest to her description are the OxEye Daisy & the Shasta Daisy
    I was wondering (here goes lots of questions)

    1. How easy are they to grow
    2. should i grow from Seed or Plants
    3. If seed does 1 seed grow 1 daisy or 1 plant
    4. Am i too late to plant seeds now and when is the best time
    5. Am i too late to start with 3in plants
    6. Am i better waiting till next year and if so when should i plant Seeds or Plants

    Any Info and Advice most appreciated


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    I grew some ox-eye daisies from seed last year, and they are just about to come into flower now. They're very easy from seed, and much cheaper if you want more than a couple of plants (1 seed = 1 plant = lots of flowers).

    I sowed the seeds in May in a seedtray, pricked them out into small pots in June, then planted them out in the garden in Sept.

    If you want flowers this year, however, you will need to buy them as plants.

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    Cheers Sweepster
    Will get the seeds ordered

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