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Thread: Ladybirds

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    FatGaz is offline Germinator
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    Jan 2007
    Nottingham, UK

    Default Ladybirds

    Hi All - another newbie here!

    What plants are good for attracting Ladybirds to the garden? Gonna try a bit of companion planting to see if it helps in getting rid of the pests!


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    SueA's Avatar
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    Mar 2006


    Hi FatGaz & welcome. I don't think there is anything specific which you can plant to attract ladybirds as it's the aphids in your garden which they eat. You can make your garden/allotment ladybird friendly though by growing herbaceous perennials & shrubs & not cutting them all down in the winter so that ladybirds have somewhere to hibernate amongst the dead leaves/bark etc. You could also grow a patch of nettles in a sunny spot as nettle aphids are supposed to be the earliest to appear & provide food for ladybirds coming out of hibernation, then cut the nettles down later in summer to get the ladybirds to move onto other plants. You can even buy kits to breed your own ladybirds from Thompson & Morgan & other companies & ladybird houses which you can put in the garden to provide hibernation quarters.Calendulas & marigolds are good companion plants for most things as they attract hoverflies which also get rid of other nasty little pests!
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    welcome to the vine FG, dont know the answer to your question but it'll be interesting to watch the answers, sure someone will have an opinion or answer for you

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    Two_Sheds's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    windy east coast, sandy soil


    Hey FatGaz, To attract ladybirds you need to grow Greenfly. And Blackfly. So, plant lots of broad beans and nasturtiums. My ladybirds are always a bit slower to get going than the blackfly, so this winter I have been rescuing any stray ladybirds from the outside and shutting them into my shed. Hopefully they'll start eating the aphids before the aphids have finished off my beans.

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    Nicos's Avatar
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    Normandy (61) France


    Good idea twosheds !
    (love your name - sounds like a good red indian name to me!!!)

    And hello there fatgaz!!!
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    shirlthegirl43's Avatar
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    Pembrokeshire, South West Wales


    Hi FatGaz, sorry can't answer your question - just wanted to welcome you to the vine.
    Happy Gardening,

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