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    Default Very early apples and pears

    Can anyone in a similar part of the UK recommend any with a good flavour apart from what I already grow or plan to plant? Or even someone in Kent and Essex, with slightly higher temperatures and more sun.

    I have Laxton's Epicure apple (end August) and Doyenne d'Ete pear (mid July). Both are excellent. Jargonelle pear should be ripe but doesn't currently want to crop. I'm planting Gladstone and Irish Peach apples 2018-19.

    Anyone tried apples Laxton's Advance or Laxton's Early Crimson? Listed in the old Scott's catalogue which I kept after they closed.
    Or other early pears? I saw some at Brogdale in mid-late July years ago that were falling off the trees; all had Hungarian or Czech names.

    An apple or pear in July or first half of August is worth three in early September ...
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    Can't comment on pears - mine are refusing to do anything.

    I pick my Gladstone end of July it's about the earliest (excluding the doddin), but they wouldn't last you until the epicure came in. I have a gap myself until epicure and bakers delicious. I've not managed to actually get any of the fruit from either yet so can't comment on their taste.

    I've taken cuttings from a local hedge tree which has ripened this week to fill the gap, it's a decent flavour but a decease magnet in the wild, I was hoping it would be better in a controlled environment.

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