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    Default Tips for redcurrants please?

    Anybody got any good tips for redcurrants? Have got 2 bushes that are now a good size with lots on there swelling. They are in good size pots if it makes any difference.

    Whats the best way to get them to a decent size - lots of water? Tomato feed?

    Last year I think I picked too late as they seemed really pithy and not at all juicy. I dont know how I managed it as I picked them when they were red. Did I pick too early/too late? How can you tell they are at their prime for picking?

    Thanks in advance!

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    The birds will let you know when they ripen! They need to ripen to adeep red and be just short of going mushy in my opinion. Keep tasting them regularily as a day or two can make a big difference (same with white currants!)

    The only feed mine ever get is woodash in winter and a thick straw mulch for summer!
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